reducing swelling in ankle from sprain well after injury

sprained my ankle for the second time probably around 2 to 2.5 months ago. I was religious about compression ice elevation and rest, and I took celebrex but the swelling is still not completely gone and I think it is inhibiting my ankle flexibility. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of the swelling that is still there?

I feel your pain…I sprained my ankle and fractured the talus 3 months ago and my ankle still has some residual swelling and stiffness. As soon as I could, I started doing single leg squats on my bad leg…I started with bodyweight x10 to failure and after a week got up to 55lbsx8, which equals my max for my good leg

All I can recommend after strengthening the leg is continuing your training as you normally would and omitting anything that bothers your ankle (for me its vertical plyos). Also, if your going to play sports that involve lateral movement, buy one of those braces that prevents lateral rolling of the ankle. As for reducing the residual swelling, everything I have done has failed. The trainer at my school seems to think the mild swelling and stiffness is permanent :frowning: .

when I had a chronic ankle injury, I went to physical therapy where they rubbed hydrcortisone cream on my ankle (you need a prescription for this) and did ultrasound on it. It was pretty helpful.

i also did a lot of resistance band strengthening which helped in regaining range of motion. I ran on this injury for 8 or 10 weeks and couldn’t walk without a lot of pain by the end, but about 6 weeks of this type of rehab plus doing other things instead of running had it back to feeling no pain within a couple of months. having said that, i don’t know if it will ever really be the same… :o

it might be to late but Arnica works miracles. Don’t get the cream, go to a naturopath and get the tincture (spelling?)