Recovery Schedule

How does this look as a recovery schedule
Days 1, 3, and 5(Stress Days)-Contrast(2 min hot shower, 30 sec cold bath 4-6x), Cryotherapy 15-20min, Warm Shower, Message

Days 2, 4, and 6(Tempo Days)-Salt Bath, Contrast Shower, Warm shower, EMS, message

numba,i usually use a 25min ice bath soak after intense sessions.depending on the temp outside i can start off luke warm and slowly drop the temp(winter) or during the summer time i go straight in and slightly elevate the temp before getting out.

on tempo days the usual is sauna/steamroom plus hot cold showers followed by lite pulsing EMS that you said salt baths canbe used but i prefer using them before bedtime.

Ok so lengthen the ice bath, and move salt bath to right before bedtime? These are the things I have at my disposal and I have used all of them before except for EMS, and I liked the way I reacted to them. I like using message last so I go to bed relaxed.