Recovery Inbetween Meets!!!??

The ability to recover inbetween meets is a huge factor in being able to run fast times during a season. Could we discuss recovery factors inbetween meets. Such as sleep, diet, cns recovery, general recovery. Ill start off with the first example. B12 injections given every week between meets as opposed to once a month during training. Any comments forum.

Making a quick look at the weights, make sure that you dont put in wasted movements. On Monday, you can eliminate flies and pullovers. As you stated, Friday’s lifting is quite heavy in weight volume. How do you feel after this?

A major factor is how the meets are scheduled. That would be the first thing to focus on.

True…how would you set up schedue.

It really depends on the level of competition. The general view that I got from talking with Charlie (and he can correct me if I’m misinterpreting him) is for advanced sprinters, the compeitions should be clustered together in groups with extended recoveries between compeitions. For example, you might do a 10-day taper at the end of the training block and then run 3-4 compeitions scheduled close together, e.g., within two weeks, then do another 10-day tape, run another 3 meets close together, then another 10-day taper before a major (championship) competition.

Interesting I think this is one of my big mistakes!!! I guess delayed muscle onset fatigue would be delayed somewhat in clusters??

Well lest say im a moderate level sprinter with the worlds fastest 40m’s that is capable of running under 11.00 fat. But could still lose to marion jones on any given day. How would I set up a schedule. Once a week. Once every couple days (where would I find this in the US) or every two weeks? I need more info on the ten day taper. Is this during the main buildup. I have alot of things I have to correct in my training any help would be great thanks.

I’m the last guy to ask about scheduling competitions, but some of the members should be able to help you.

Meets outside the US would anyone like to list them and amount of money to get there. Plane ticket ect ect.:borg:

My philosophy is don’t spend a lot of money on competitions unless you’re going to make money at it. Going to the occassional big meet just to be there is one thing, but I wouldn’t plan a European tour.

One thing I’m not too clear on is what sort of levels of weights should be lifted during a competition period .
Or for that matter if any changes should be made to track routines during that period ( in my case the next 3 - 6 weeks indoors )
Should the weights just tick over at 80% or should I still be aiming for gains .
I’m still at a pretty low level of development so would I benefit from simply treating comps as an SE workout ?

If you are in a setting such as participating in collegiate athletics or high school, it is difficult to schedule meets in a block to meet your periodization scheme. This is when you need to determine where it is most important to be at the top of your game. The new NCAA Regionals throws a loop into the system, since conference will be less important than the bigger goal. I think this is when you must make careful decisions about racing and making sure you keep earlier meets to work on training aspects.

gloopzilla, can you give us a more detailed look at your training schedule? For the most part, you dont want to go for size gains during competition, just use the weights to simulate what you are focusing on the track. We can discuss this further once we see what you are doing.

Mon Gym
BB Weights - Warm up - drills - 4 - 6 x 30m starts / acc every other week
Bench - 4 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 2 pyramids
Power Cleans - 5 - 3 - 3
Shoulder press - 1 x 5
Flies - 1 x 5
Reverse pullovers - 1 x 5
Good mornings - 1 x 5 @ 80%

Tues Gym tempo
Wed Track
Warm up - drills - medball wall throws - sets of 5 - 3 between track reps
3 Point Starts / Accelleration 3 x 40m 2 x 50m 95 % relaxed form runs
Flying 20’s
4 - 6 x 20’s from 50m 100%
3 x 3 vertical jumps into pit
3 x 20m pwr skips
3 x 3 standing long jumps into pit
3 x 3 diving med ball throws ( maaan that foam dust kills u )

Thurs Gym tempo or off

Fri Track
Warm up - drills -medball wall throws - sets of 5 - 3 between track reps
Speed endurance ( outdoors season )
Presently 4 x 60m 100% from blocks
Bench Press - 3 - 2 - 2 to 85%
Power cleans - 3 x 3 @ 80%
Dead lift - 3 - 2 - 2 - 2 to 80%
Deep squat - 1 x 5 ( very light - body weight only )
Lat Pull Downs - 1 x 5
Reverse leg press - 3 x 3 @ 80%
Sat Off

Sun Gym & Track tempo

Every session includes 5- 600 reps of abs spread throughout
Weights build towards a new PB 2nd or 3rd week of cycle - which comes regular as clockwork -
start / acc + gym every other week .
Friday might look a bit ham crazee but I sort of judge it as I go and fri bench and PC’s are very easy and just get me in the groove - I always work my weakest lifts first as others seem to progress ok . I sometimes add auxileries like bi / tri curls to the warm up too
I try and give myself 6 - 12 minute recoveries for all track reps - as far as is possible b 4 the track gets invaded by Munchkin trampolinists geriatric ping pong players and psychotic archers .
While adjusting my blox the other day I looked up to see five nippers about 1 foot in front of me staring intently - ‘what u doin mister’ - its hard to feel like linford when ur reps get cut short by constant track invasions - spring won’t come quick enough 4 me

here’s the indoor circuit schedule:

here’s the oudoor schedule from usatoday (a bit better organized than IAAF):

BTW, all roads lead to Paris (this year)

After friday I can feel a bit drained - for some reason I feel really fired up after the track and a 20 min drive from the indoor track to my gym -
I try and alternate the squats and rev leg press from week to week - the deads are draining but It’s the only big lift I can do as squats effect my back if I go over bodyweight - I’m up to 150kg at the mo but probably won’t take it too much higher this phase .
I’m pretty fresh again for mondays session after running out the kinks on sunday .
Just not sure how to shift the emphasis to maximise speed for this comp phase .