recovery for sprinting asthmatics?

In my 13 years as a HS sprint coach, last year was my first experience with an exercise-induced asthmatic. He is fast as HE-double hockey sticks, but he recovers very slowly. If he ran a 4x2, 4x1 then his open 200 he would run slower times. However, he missed a lot of base work in the beginning. Will base work help him this year? I know there was a difference because one of my other runners w/o asthma missed a lot of base work and although it took him a while to recover in meets, he did so faster than the asthmatic.

Secondly, I am considering continuing base work late into the season. For example as an active recovery day after a meet they would run 2x1600 with 20 minutes rr or a 3200. Just to maintain there base. Is this necessary or counterproductive? :confused:

2x1600 for a sprinter?? What is the purpose of this? Or a 3200?? This could very well be counterproductive… Search for “Tempo” on here and you will find some useful information on recovery after speed days/meets.

I know that running slow for 10 min is counter-pro, but how do you maintain the base for sprinters once they have cut our base work and are runningthe next 10-12 in speed only?

Generally, what is the longest a sprinter can run without being counterproductive (2 mile continuous, etc), and what is the shortest a distance runner could go, and still be able to reach potential in any race like an 800, 1600, or 3200. For example, how much long, slow distance does an 800 guy or a 3200 guy need?

Does anyone have any rules they use when training a group of high schoolers?

Are you familiar with tempo runs? I would recommend this if you are strictly training HS spinters. We have had success with it. I also coach HS track.

I may be using a different term for the same thing. I know what intervals, active recovery and other things are, clarify tempo runs for me.

Tempos are runs below 75% intensity. There is endless info on this site. I just realized this is the expert discussion section. I will quit posting here. Sorry everybody.

The experts did not answer me anyways. SPeaking of experts, anyword on the new location of the HSI eurosport videos online?

I think the thread is a little muddled. We’re really talking about two issues here. One is the basics of program design and the nature of general (base) conditioning for sprinters. That belongs in the Fundamentals section.

The second issue involves the management of exercise-induced asthma, which probably does belong in the expert Recovery forum, since it can be an intricate subject.

sonicboom, could you be more specific in your question as it relates to asthma? I personally have no experience with this, but others who do might be able to help if they have a better idea of what your exact problem is. I’m assuming the athlete is under the care of a physican. A specialist in pulminology could probably offer the best advice.

I am still learning how to use this forum.