Recovery for Race


I am set to run in the 60 yd. dash on Saturday morning at around 9:00.

On Tuesday morning, I ran 3 60’s to test out some things. Ran 6.91, which is over 2 tenths faster than I have ever run and 7 tenths in one year.

On Wednesday evening, had baseball practice in which a know-nothing coach ran us full speed about 10 times with no rest to first base/second/etc. Obviously I am mad at myself for running full speed but I did it anyway and it’s over now.

Obviously this has an effect on my system and I want to run the same time that is my best on Saturday, as it will affect how much scholarship money I am offered for college. So obviously this is a huge deal that I can’t let some coach screw up.

After practice immediately I took a hot/cold shower for about 20 mins. Then I took another before bed, shorter.

I feel it today. Can someone give me an idea of what to follow to be fully fresh in 48 hours? I have EMS, I have 55 degree water. I have 100 degree water. And I have a bed.

I want to be springy come Saturday.