Recovery FOR or recovery FROM?

I am familiar with the fact that ‘recovery window’ is greates post-workout or post-game, but shouldn’t recovery methods (sauna, hot-cold, massage…) be implemented before a game/competition, rather than after?

I am asking this mainly for team games. It seems that most players/clubs implement somekind of recovery training/methods post-game (emediately or day after), then build up training load again, and to a ‘reduced training’ prior a game? Why not implementing the most potent recovery method prior the game (recovery FOR) instead after the game (recovery FROM)???

I totally agree with what you are saying. I guess, for team games, pre-workout recovery (for example before a football game on sunday) they lower the volume the last days, just try to adjust the last tactical stuff and put everything together.

It is very similar to a taper, the volume lowers, try to adjust some technical stuff about te running etc…get it all together inside your head…

For me, as a sprinter, i don’t have access to a private physio, but when i know there is a ‘special’ meet (with any importance) i just take an extra (hot) bath after the trainings before the meet, and check my muscles myself as far as it is possible. Try to feel as fresh as possible, just put al the mental energy together…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Maybe u can go for a sauna with the team, combining this ‘hot-water-treatment’ for extra bloodflow, with a mental session ?

Thanks for your reply. I wonder would sauna be more appropriate 1-2 days before a game, or after the game (with assumption of approriate hydration during and after sauna). What would be the mechanisms and their differences on performance enhancment?

I think both before and after the game would be good. It’s like you stated in the topic title… 'Recovery BEFORE and AFTER" :slight_smile:
Is your second question regarding to this before/after difference ?

I think when you add a sauna session 2 days before a game, it will we a very good moment to relax and go over the tactics and stuff, sometimes you can add a saune session after a game, also for relaxation and of course a bit of regeneration. But i think you need to be careful not to overdue these sessions, there will always be some blokes that hates this sessions, so i won’t plan it every week twice a week. When you see they are extremely exhausted (before or after a game :slight_smile: ) you can add such a session. Just experiment with it, it won’t hurt them at all :wink:

Do both! Some recovery strategies aren’t suitable for pre-game preparation. Contrasts before activities seem good - it depends on environmental conditions.

Can we thus classify the things? What is more appropriate pre and what post game or race?

The danger is to loose elasticity before the game. i’d be more for elastic prep before and recovery after.
Prep check list:
Awake at least 5 hrs before an important game/race etc
Warm-up in AM before a BB game (Bulls), usually with some weights or cals.
Light shaking massage pre-warm-up with heat rub on any tight spots
Timing of supplements- ie Arginine/ methionine. Creatine/ATP etc.
Amino acids post game during “window” to optimally drive them into the muscles.
Then therapy/recovery methods

Thanks for your input Charlie. I suppose ‘elasticity’ have something to do with ‘muscle tone’ and muscle tone can be ‘screwed’ with inapropriate recovery means, right? Can light shaking massage be replaced with foam roll or something?

Yes foam rollers work fine pre-game. You can also use oil and massage alot of different areas by yourself(calves, traps, arms, neck, quads, hamstrings). easy and effective.

I suppose but I never did it so I can’t really comment on how well it works pre-game.

May be they aren’t recovery strategies but RAMPING strategies? There seems to be quite a lot of individual differences of how people make best use of the different strategies. Some like to chill out to music others like a light massage, contrasts, cooling, light snack / fluids…