Recovery during max strength phase

I’m in the last week (7th) of max strength weights and start maintenance / speed prep next week in readiness for some meets in jan -

are there any ‘recovery’ weeks as such in the next eight weeks as in a 3/4 week micro-cycle -

answers appreciated

Anyone care to answer ?

I dont fully understand your question, however i find it interesting that your going from max strength (Nov) to a maintance program until ( Jan).

I would recommend doing a peak power program following a max strength program. Power based programs serve to maintain max strength qualities but also increase power output. During the competition phase maintaining max strength & increasing power leaves the body in better physiological state to ran faster.

Its important to include a unloading week every 4th week for sprinters during power programs, during this unloading week the volume of lifting should be reduced whilst the intensity of lifting should not be compromised.

Thanks for answering Sharmer -

Well I thought I was following the guidelines for the optimal performance window as shown on page 130 of the forum review and would now be concentrating on shifting the emphasis from -

max strength / explosive power / 30m accelleration to

strength maintenance / accelleration / max speed and working distances of up to 60m

am I gettin this wrong then ?

I had unloaded week 4 , dropping to 80% of max strength and I thought that’s what I was sposed to do from week 8 onwards - I was just wondering if there is any further unloading below 80 % during this period ?

Clarification much appreciated

The given intensity of peak power depends on the movement performed, for example if you are doing power snatch at 95% then the power output in the first pull will be less however power output during the second pull will be greater.

During unloading cycles intensities of 80-95% can be used for olympic type movements as long as the volume of lifts has been reduced.

For body building type movements you can reduce loads down to 70%, for OL i wouldnt go under 80%.

From a physiological standpoint, the intensity of lifting doesn’t cause fatigue but rather the volume of lifting.

What exercises do you do in the gym? ( how often, reps, sets)?

If i know the above then i’ll be able to elaborate further into what are appropiate guidelines for intensities.

Thanks Sharmer -

Over the last 3 weeks trainings been a little disrupted by studies but a full program over this period would have been - u can actually see the whole shebang in the training journal thread .

Mon -
Bench - 5 x 70 kg
Deep squat - 3 x 3 x 70 kg ( followed by vertical jumps / 30m accs )

Wed -
Shoulder press 5 x 35 kg
Lat pull downs 5 x 55 kg 1 x 75 kg 3 x 85 kg PB

Bench - 1 x 70 1 x 80 2 x 85 1 x 90 1 x 95 1 x 100 kg 2 x 105 kg PB
High Pulls - 3 x 55 1 x 70 kg 1 x 75 2 x 80 kg PB 3 x 70 kg

As you can see I’ve been using singles and doubles , going pretty minimal and I improved my bench and high pull by 10kg over the 7 week period -
wed was weights post-track - Friday was weights only - I cut out deadlifts due to a few back twinges and over the next 8 weeks was planning to use -

High Pulls ( or maybe introduce Power cleans instead )
Full Squats ( I never go over bodyweight due to back problem )
Shoulder Press
Lat Pull Downs
Reverse Leg Press

Many thanks


Do you have a coach to show you proper technique?

Back pain.

1- often caused by tight gluts- stretch & trigger point therapy

2- deadlifts can be done from a box/ or powerlifting rack this will enable your back to stay straighter and not arch.

3- Proper warm up & use of belts ( thermal)

In terms of your program, try doing upright rows from the hang( lower the bar to the knees and lift the bar verticaly to shoulder height). This exercise will enable you to generate more vertical momentum when doing power cleans/ snatch.

If you intend on doing hang work for the first week drop the intensity and if there are no symptons of back pain, you can start to increase the intensity on proceeding weeks.

Thanks for ur time sharmer -
I may try deads again during next max strength phase in the new year - I prefer rev leg press during max speed .