recovery blocks in the annual plan

I’m currently writing a new annual plan for next season’s training. Can anyone give some advice on how often to put in a recovery cycle. Also for how long???


Usually first after a competition block, and ,then possibly just before or after a training camp.

I usually have my main recovery block after final competition.

Depending on the athlete - throwers generally have a longer recovery block - say 4 weeks of no official training, sprinters 2-3 weeks and distance runners 2 weeks.

I also allow upto 4 weeks total throughout training year (some athletes don’t train, while others do other things - bushwalking for example)

For instance my plan is 4 weeks off.

9 weeks of GPP and 10 weeks of training - 1 week off, 10 weeks of training, 1 week off, 10 weeks of training/competition and than 9 weeks competition.

I also have an easy week ever third or fourth week.

I find having a week off training - mental slimulates me to get back to training

You could throw in a few extra days off between GPP and SPP (the GPP seems awefully long for developed athletes)

The only reason my GPP is 9 weeks is because I’m going from Hammer throwing to sprinting. Trying to lose a majority of weight in that phase.

But throwing in a recovery break would be wise.


all sounds good. I’m thinking of a block after my general prep of 8 weeks. Then three other blocks of 1 week each before I start my summer competition in September.

Does that sound ok??

Jules sounds like the minimum. Remember to include easier/recovery weeks during training as well.

I do every third week

I think I’m gonna try a block of 1 week every three to four weeks.

Last season I think all the injuries I had were because I didn’t plan enough regeneration phases and it all caught up and bit me on the ass right when I was starting to show some improvements.:smiley:

We all learn from our mistakes I guess!!