Recovery between sessions on "High" Days

Hi Guys,

Just wondering how long is generally necessary between say a high intensity sprint session and a weights session on a ‘high day’ during spp?

Can you go do the gym session (Olympic Lifts, Plyos, Med Ball) straight after the track session, or is it better to give yourself a few hours between sessions, say, doing the track session in the morning (10am) and going back to the gym in the arvo (3pm)?

Apologies if this has already been discussed!

it is probably better to do them seperatly if you have the time…But i do the weights straight after the track work and have no problems doing this

A 5-hour gap should be fine. If that’s the case, weights can be done in the morning. If combined, weights should be done post-track after a short rest.

I broke my VJ PR 4 hours after a weight workout, during speed session.
Could it be that AM weights spike your CNS for speed later that day ?

EDIT: I actually did high rep work… Maybe submax lifts would kill the PM Speed, what do you think ?

You can do it either way. The advantage of doing weights right after the track is that you won’t need to warm up for the weights and you give yourself the maximum amount of recovery time between HI sessions.

The advantage of taking more time between is that you are likely to have a better lifting session. But be careful, this could excessively deplete your CNS and compromise your next speed session if you are not careful.

Remember, the primary goal is speed and speed work. it is ok to have sub-optimal weight sessions if your speed is improving. I often find that a good session on the track will interfere more with the Olympic lifts than squats, deadlifts, and bench. YMMV.

Yeah I have lifted well after speed sessions when things seem fired up and working quickly.

I think it was in one of Dan Pfaffs videos about using med ball throws as a bridge between the track and weights to get things moving right for the gym and I guess mentally to assist in making the switchover to be ready to lift.

Not tried this myself but will give it a play before dishing it out to my athletes.

It helps with coordination, but you should be careful with the volume, I guess, depending on what follows in the gym.

Thanks for your help!