Recovery before combine

I haven’t posted much in these forums since I haven’t had the money to buy the CF books until just a few days ago but I’ve been a roamer for quite some time. My question to all of you knowledgable people is… how long of a break should I take before I go to my MLB combine? Hopefully I haven’t posed this question too late as I have been sprint training for about 5 weeks now and the combine is one week from today (June 8th). I was a strictly a sprinter, then I was strictly a powerlifter, now I’m switchin back cuz I like sprinting a lot more =) 5 weeks ago was when I started back in with my sprint training just trying to let my body get used to it all again since I knew I would be headed to this MLB combine on June 15th. My program was very generic, consisted mainly of sprints ranging anywhere from 10-60 yards adding up to anywhere from 400-600 yards total. I used yards as my measurement because at the combine I will be timed twice in the 60yd dash. After 5 weeks, sprinting 3 times a week…how long of a break do you guys think I should take before next Wednesday? My knowledge of sprint training is pretty feeble, so please be nice if I have done something terribly wrong =) Thanks in advance!

Hard to say… I would do my last sprint work out on the 12th. Active rest on the 13th + a few 10yard sprints. Rest on the 14th. If you are tight and sore maybe a message.