Recovery after WR/PB race

Charlie, you have mentioned waiting 10 days following this type of effort with submax runs.

If you were coaching Bolt right now, after his recent performance, what would a template of activities look like for the next 10 days?

How would this differ compared to the activities of say a high school runner who runs a PB (10.5)?

A PB is still a PB isn’t it, a new standard that the body has set for itself. While the nervous system has a greater output with a faster run, relatively speaking, the nervous system is still stressed in a similar manner for a 10.5 runner?

It’s still going to be different at higher levels. You’re not going to ‘lay low’ the same way a WR holder would if you PB at 10.5, 11.5, 12.5, etc.

say you pb from 10.7 to 10.5 you’re probably in the championship part of the hs season and have another meet, probably with rounds in a week or so, so perhaps only have 1 HI day in the 7 between, or something like that, but no 10 days of laying low, shit if you lay low for a week and a half you just lost like an 8th of your season.

There might be less neural load after this performance because of greater mechanical efficency.

So what if you’re running rounds and you PB in the 100m final, then soon you got the 200m and you PB in that as well, and then have relays coming up. How does this all work out?

Then there is probably not much time to do anything, you just have to deal with it. Its after the meeting that the CNS fatigue will really kick in. :wink:

i think greater muscular fatigue for lower level(10.5) fast guys is more likely, because it’s hard to argue that 10.5 could be more stressing than 9.7, unless you’re watching the 10.5 guy power bound down the track with a bunch of wasted movement and extra effort.