Recommended upper and lowerbody plyometic exercises?

I’m thinking of doing plyometics 3 days a week, monday, wednesday, and friday. I’ve decided Monday and Friday would be lower body plyometrics, and wednesday would be upperbody plyometics.

My reasoning behind all the plyometrics is because I’ve decided I’m barely going to lift heavy, maybe occassionally, due to some injuries. But I’m almost positive I can sprint, and at least do lowerbody plyometrics. I don’t know if I could do upperbody plyometrics, but maybe by the time I get started on my routine again I will be able to.

Anyways, I’ve decided upon doing this split for a while:

1-Acc. Dev. + Max V(60m sprints) + lowerbody plyos + weights(???)
2. Tempo
3. Speed Endurance + upperbody plyos/medicine ball+weights(???)
4. Tempo
5. Special Endurance I + lowerbody plyos+weights(???)
6. Tempo

Based on all of this, what would be a good plyometric routine for me to follow? I need a list of good plyometric exercises to use, and maybe a routine! If it matters, before injury I could squat about 2.5x bodyweight, deadlift a tiny bit over 3x bodyweight, and bench about 1.75x bodyweight.

Thanks guys.

Anyone ? :slight_smile:

What are you training for? What phase of your training are you in (GPP, SPP, other)?

Training for the 100m.

I’m in SPP.


Why not do “deep” jumpsquats, hurdlejumps, bounds, plyo push-ups and some medball throws. All 2-3x5-10, depending on phase.

I’m in SPP I’d say.

What exactly are deep jump squats? Is that where you squat deep with a lightly loaded bar on your back then you jump?

I heard that plyometric movements should be done in higher sets and lower reps, what do you think?

The only exercises I’ve come up with were:

Depth Jumps
Tuck Jumps(And all variations)
Box Jump(Jump on to a box 40+ inches)
Repeated Vertical/Long Jumps

More exercises please! By the way, whats the most amount of plyometric exercises/volume one should do on an intense sprint day? Should plyometrics be done before or after sprints?

Sure, you can do higher sets insted, may vary from atlethe to athlete.
Go from high reps or sets in gpp to lower reps or sets through spp to pre-comp and comp.
You don´t need a bar to the squatjumps, you can do paralell or deep, wich means below paralell.
Also, as I wrote jumps between hudles e.g3x5 hurdles, are great if you don´t got a injury problem. The foot-contact should be short and fast.
Bounds are like long strides, but aim for hight as much as distance, don´t know if that´s a good decsription? :rolleyes:

Thanks for the help!

But one more question on bounding. Would I bound IN ONE SET with my right leg then bound with my left then bound with my right etc etc,… or would I do a SET of right leg, then do a SET of left leg?

Oh, and for bounding, should I try to get off the ground as fast as I touch it(i.e minimal contact time), or should I just stay on the ground for a rather longer time ?

Alternate right and left in the same series, almost like a triple-jumper, despite you go on longer than three bounds :rolleyes: , Footcontact quite fast, powerful but still smooth and technical movements… smooth power.
Bounds can be hard a first, but when it is working, a great excercise.


Figured out how to do it yesterday…went awesome!

By the way, would you count 2x5 as being 2 sets of 5 reps for each leg? For example…a set of 5 bounds would mean 5 right leg bounds and 5 left leg bounds in one set.

For upperbody plyos I get in a “girl push-up” position and then explode up as high as possible.

Thanks Blinky

Also for upper body you can do a body push up in where your in a normal pushup position then you only go down half way and then explode your hands and feet off the floor (about 2-5 inches) then catch yourself on the way back down about 1/2 way down(the position right before you explode) and do it again try and do high reps, liek 30 or so and try to make contact time minimal. For lower body try and do skipping. Liek do one set of skips when you are trying to achieve the most height and then another for length. The length one feels weird at first, kinda like your a deer, but itll work wonders for your stride length and foot power. Oh and for the skips for height use the knee that your not pushing off of and force it as high as you can, try and get about a foot everytime you do these. And not really a plyrometric drill but try and stretch out your hip flexors every or everyother night. That alone should take about .3 seconds off your 100m time. I did it for 4 months once every night and my 40 went from 4.8 to 4.69 and vertical went from 31" to 35".
And if you are willing to weight lift i got a bunch of other upper body plyros that i could tell ya about.
Oh and don’t laugh but what’s SPP and GPP and all that jazz?

Are you alternating your legs in one set or are you just hopping 5 times right then 5 times left?

Bounding should go left/right/left/right etc…
You might be doing this already? ignor me if you are:)

the best upper body plyos are medicine ball throws for sure

Thanks all you guys!

Moondoggy- it’s just the “phase” of sprinting. GPP is the early early phase, where conditioning and fitness and acceleration is focused on. SPP is basically meet and competition phase where speed endurance and somewhat max velocity is focused on.

Tomo- yes, im alternating between left and right in a set

TJ2K- yeah theyre fun too!

Im definitely going to have to disagree with you on that one TJ2K. Try medicine ball throws for a while the get on the bench press put about 60% of your max on bring it down slowly and then once your about 2inches from your chest explode up and throw it into the air as high as you can then catch it on its way down and try not to let it touch your chest(if it does its to much weight) and explode again. These will train your fast twitch fibers like crazy and it trains your chest to absord force and use it to exert force back unto the object. These is one of the training methods of adam archuleta, he is a NFL player who weighs 210 and he benched 530 at the combine in a little over a second.

We’ve all heard the Archuleta story and nobody really cares about how much he can bench. How much can he oly lift? and how fast is he? should be the real question. Can he clean 530lbs… not likely, he probably can’t do 300+lbs, also there are a handfull of guys that are faster than him. If we’re gonna put somebody up on a pedestal why don’t we take the world record holder in the bicep curl?

ok big guy don’t get all mad he asked about upper and lower body plyro’s and I was just telling him one that I thought was the best and my reasoning behind it and how is me comparing archuleta’s workout to plyro’s anything remotly close to comparing the wrold record curler? That is one of the dumbest things I have ever herd. Think before you type somthing like that. And he is very fast he went from running a 4.8 forty in HS to running a 4.39 forty in the combine. Now I don’t have many people to compare this to but there is a kid here in arizona Keegan Herring(state champ) runs about the same(4.37) forty and he ran 100m at track to and I don’t know the exact site but I could remmember seeing it where he ran 10.7-10.9 100m. Oh and jsut because I talk about someone doesn’t mean I am “putting them on a pedestal.” And I don’t Know if you bench press or anything but can your get your max up in under 2 seconds? maybe even 3?
And i don’t know how much but compared to his other numbers I thin he could clean weel over 300 pounds.