i dont exaclty get the idea of rebounding the Central Nervous System. if u were on a 3-1 cycle when would you want to do this, how would it occur and why? obviously you would not want to do this right in the middle of you unloading phase but would this be done at the end of a unloading phase? i have read through threads that mention submax speed helps rebound the cns but i am not fully understanding this. can someone help clarify…

The idea is to unload so that the CNS rebounds for the MEET - when you need it.
Next is to have a regular rebound method to prevent reaching a plateau too early.

so pretty much its supercompensation as you describe…?

Since this is related, when discussing preventing plateaus with lifting, we have previously discussed the change in load and rep scheme to allow the conversion of type 2a to 2b, since if lifting becomes stale (see Saint) it will promote slow-twitch. My question is, does anyone have the research studies at their disposal for reference? Anything will be great! Thanks