Realistic Goals

Hi all

I am a beginner sprinter looking to set a goal to try to reach in the 100m over the next year.

My current stats are:

Age - 21
Height - 6’4
Weigth - 180 lb
100m - 12.38 (hand timed on a wet track)
30m - 4.09 (hand timed in good conditions)
Squat - 220 lb
Bench - 220 lb
Vert - 30 inches

I have been lifting weights for a while now but have only been training for sprinting for 3 weeks so far.

Would it be unrealistic to aim for a low 11 sec 100m (FAT) by February 2009 (southern hemisphere summer)?

I am extremely unfit so I am planning on following a L-S program with a very long GPP phase.

Set the goals small first… One step at a time.

Sub 12 first

Then 11.80

Then 11.50

etc etc… I think it’ll help you keep at it without getting frustrated, while at the same time staying positive by reaching goals throughout your training.

Ok sounds like a good plan

I will be starting my L-S plan in June, so I will aim to at least break 12 seconds by then.

Approximately how fast would I need to run the 60m (HT) in order to break 12 secs FAT.

According to a speed chart saved on my computer you would need to run 7.5 HT for the 60 and 4.54 HT 30m in order to run 12.01 FAT.

These numbers seem too slow to me, especially the 30.

Here is a link to the chart

Here’s another chart for you, this one might be a little better.

I found it in this thread

Thanks man

According to this chart a 4.22 30m would be required. That sounds more realistic than the chart that I linked.

Your squat and bench press are even? If you have that type of upper body strength, relatively you should be 300+ on the squat approx. That will definitely lower your times.

Yep, currently they are even.

I am going to focus disproportionately on my lower body from now on. I plan to be repping 300 below parallel by the end of the year.

When you get there, you will see improvements in your sprinting in all areas.

Im 15 and squatting 265 for 3 reps, hope to be at 2x body weight for 4 reps sometime soon.

You re strong for your age. Whats ur body weight?

weighed myself at 146 right now :cool:
My 3 rep max squat has gone up from 225-265 with no increase in weight, and my bench press at 205 also went from 170-205 with no increase in body weight. I do deadlifts too, 255-265 as well for 4-5 reps.

That’s pretty impressive for your age and BW. I wish I had started training as early as you.

What are your track PB’s?

mid 11s for the 100
low 24s for 200 but im edging 23s
well…will be :smiley:

for the 60 its 7.4.

all FAT

I wished I hadn’t been training like that since I was 15. Maybe I wouldn’t have been finished in my late 20s, if I trained smarter when I was younger.


Yea, here in the states, I met a few athletes like that. They were between 19 and 25 and they just quit all together. Some of them were pretty good.

I don’t blame them, the parents pushed them to be child phenoms (and want nothing less) and the coaches they train under believe in brutal (throw up in trash can) workouts as the means to athletic success.

lol, I remember my old HS football coach would regularly deprive us from the water fountains when he got “angry” not realizing that subjecting athletes to this type of reprimand will only compound the situation that got him “angry” in the first place. And this was during the time when Creatine/twinlab was big so I’m surprised nobody pulled a hammy…