RB34 Comeback Program Part 2

My girlfriend cook too much. I have the worst track diet ever!!

Stop eating cookies and popeyes chicken.

What a damn day, 90degrees and my damn brake calibers locked up. I haven’t eaten all day and the track session was brutal after such a long layoff of doing nothing.

Week 1:
Mon: 300
Warmup C+acc ladder+builds
3x50 facedown
3x50 pushups
hurdle hops 3x10
P. skips h/d 2x5
spilt squats 2x5x185
bench press 3x225/3x245/2x275
rows 3x8x155
OHB x5/blf x5/height x5/reactive height x5
core 100x

This workout looked easy on paper but I had to rest 6-8 between the sprints. I wanted to get some video but I forgot my cam at home. Weights will be on maintenance for the summer.

Warmup A
8x100 30sec rest
core 200x


I eat pretty terrible on the weekend. Booze it up too.

Wed: 390
Warmup W+acc ladder+builds
3x30 face down
2x150 15mins rest
hurdle hops 3x10
weighted box jumps+unweighted box jumps 3(5reps)x10lbs (30 total jumps)
Pogo Stadium step 3x20
core 100x

I’ll be curious to hear how much you guys think I lost by timing myself on the 150’s - having to reach over and stop the watch on my wrist? I know most of you guys sprint with the stop watch in your hand but that doesn’t feel right to me.

It’s awkward, but don’t you think it would lend to more accurate times? What were your times?

I agree, more accurate times - closer to FAT. My times were 16.4’s after a 10 day layoff.

I find my arm action is less aggressive and natural when I’m holding a stop watch. Also a little distracting to hit the timer at the right time vs focusing on running through the line.

Fri: 590
Warmup C+acc ladder+builds
2x30 pushups
200-180-150 20-18mins
hh 3x10
P. skips h/d 2x5
squats 2x3x315
bench press 2x3x245/265
pullups 2x8
throws x20 (same as monday)
core 100x

The runs were fast and somehow I tweak my hamstring again. I think it’s from the creatine based pre-workout drink. :mad:
I wanted to do rdl’s, heavier squats, and med ball hops but the hamstring wouldn’t allow me.

I understand with the injuries I have my body needs 4-6 weeks of rest but I really don’t want to give up on this season. I have put so much time, energy, and effort and pray I can get lucky and finish on a decent note.

What’s a decent 180 time for a lower level sprinter?

Anything in the 19.x range would be indicative of a close to 21.x 200m.

I hate track, I was starting to feel really good and things was heading in the right direction. The 180 was in the 19 range and 150 was in the 16 range even with me pulling up at about 145m.

Are you taking jack3d as your preworkout supplement?

I’m taking a little bit of everything. :wink: If you were closer to Houston we could hookup for some training sessions.

I’ll be down in Houston a lot this summer actually, I have some family and friends that I visit in some areas. It’s not that far from where I go to school at.

Yeh, you are a hour away from Houston. I won’t be there probably until July/August.

Ok, just let me know when you’re back. I’ll be going to school all summer so I won’t be too tied up.

The rehab over the past three days has paid off, I will resume my training on Tuesday with the first speed session being on Thur or Fri. I will continue to stim and ice throughout the week and will get ART Wed/Fri morning. I will use weights/jumps/throws to keep the CNS sharp and firing properly and tempo to keep general fitness levels high.

Week 2:
Warmup C
Mb throws 2x5 each
ohb/blf/height/hop ohb/reactive height
hh 8x10
spilt squat 2x5x185-205
bench 3x245/3x265/2x275
rows 3x8x155
4x5x100 walk end zone/3mins
Stadium pogo 2x20
hurdle mobility 12x10
core 200x

Probably could have gone 80-85% today, Wed will be more tempo and ART. Ems+ice two times today.