Chieftan's Championship Quest

:cool:March 14
Temp: 40F

Today was the first official day of outdoor track. The boys team has a lot of talent in many events. I think there is a chance for both individual success and team success in the league.

This year I am using a 400/800 program based on KK’s template. This is the first time using it and I’ll be learning along the way. One runner, C, has a goal to run sub 50. Two years ago ran 52. Last year took a year off but hit the weights hard. I have a girl, O, who wants to break 60. She ran 64 last year. She ran croos country and put in alot of milage this winter. She needs speed work and lactic workouts. I think she will be good.

In the 100/200, I will be using a modified short to long with some intensive tempo leading to meets, with two tempo days for the first four weeks.

D, is my main 100m runner. He ran 60m indoor with a PB of 7.17FAT. T, is my main female 100m/200m runner this year. She ran 8.38FAT indoors.

100/200 group

4x300: Boys 52 sec, 3 min rest, girls 65 sec, 3 min rest

400m group:

2x(4x150 diagonals). Boys: 23-25 sec, girls 25-28 seconds. REst: Rep 1: jog to start, rep 2, walk to start, rep 3 jog to start, set rest of 8 minutes.

Overall great day.

The plan for tomorrow:
100/200m: 10x100 tempo plus field event technical work in jumps. Wed is a sped day.

400m: no access to long hills, will do strength power series of long resisted sprints, skips, and sprints. wed is day off.

Tuesday march 15
temp 37 F


Strength power circuits
3x (2 x 60 skip ht, 2 x 60 buildup, 2 x 60 tire drag).

Overall good day. It was a bit cold though.

Wed March 16
Temp: 55F

2x3x30m tire sprints
3x30m standing starts

400m day off

Hurdlers: 110 focus, worked on Hurdles 1-3
3x first hurdle
3x 1&2

Long jumpers did pop drills off the board.

What are tire sprints?

Similar to a sled, except I was able to get 5 tires for free and $20 worth of hardware to attach the cords. Much cheaper than a sled. We don’t have hills near the track.

Thursday march 17
Temp 60F!!!

10x100 tempo plus an circuit

300h &400m
2x 300+150

The wind was rough on the 300 s. We ran 150 with wind at backs.

Fri march 18
Temp 55f

3x10 blocks

4x200, 2 x200 in come home pace

Sat march 19
400 m

Long hills
2x2xgoal time for 400.
jog rest down, 16 min between sets

Monday march 21
Temp cool 50f

3x300, 1x200
boys 45-50 sec
girls 50-60 sec

allwere sore still. Did big circuit after a 15 min jog. Felt looser afterwards. Tomorrow will be cold. Would like to feet one moreSE workout in tomorrow if possible.

Tue march 22
temp 35f winter weather advisory begins in a few hours

1+2+2+1++ x 3

Girls 2 x 4 x150
Boys 3 x 4x150

Wed March 23
Temp: 32 and icy snow

Practice indoors today plus team pictures

30 minute bike ride, most were able to get about 10miles in

2x4 resisted sprints x 20m

Boys did 1x60 time trial.

Both boys and girls did baton exchanges at full speed with the assistant coach.

D, mentioned in my other journal, ran a 7.17 from movement from a 3 point. Not bad for indoors and in flats.

I had 4 other athletes between 7.50 and 7.65. There is a battle on for the 3 other 4x100 spots now! The kids are loving the challenge.

We are scheduled for ameet Friday, however, the tracks are iced over and it doesn’t look to melt in the next day. I anticipate a cancellation, which I embrace. If moved to next week, I would be happy.

Next Thursday is the county indoor championship. I plan on running D in the 60m. I do not think he will have any trouble at it, but who knows who didn’t run indoor.

Thurs. March 24
temp 30 f

12 x 110 very easy due to cold

All easy

Meet tomorrow canceled due to cold and snowy track.

Tomorrow plan is 60 and 80 m time trials indoors.

Fri mar 25

Indoors today…temp was 32 F

2 x30 time trial

2 x 60 time trials

Overall great results. I think ill have more girls talent than I thought. The boys team is loaded with short sprinters.

D ran a 7.07 60 from 3 point. By far fastest training time this year.

300+4 x 60
250 + 3 x 60
200+ 2 x 60
150+ 1 x60

Liked this workout alot. The first 60 was always rough. The second was alot faster.

Mon march 28


Blocks 4x10 m

2 x 300 @ 85-90%
1 x 150

Many guys had just lifted heavy in gym class. I wasn’t hhappy about it. Coach would let kids lift after practice.

400 m
2 athletes felt poor. Did 9 x 300 tempo easy
3 did 2x 300+150

They did better than first time. Finishing rep is still a struggle.

Update: May 10
Temp: 65, slight wind.

Today was the last dual meet. Going into this meet, we were co-champs, and would win division outright with victory. We won huge on the boys side. The girls team is young and ended up 2-3. There is upside in the next year, which I hope to post more about soon.

Everyone ran well overall. I was very pleased. Relays ran SB’s or close to them. Many people ran SB or PRs today. Many field events set or equaled PRs as well.

I hope to re type some of the deleted posted from the server issue to fill in blanks for month of April.

Next up is Saturday weekend invitational meet, then regionals 6 days after that.

Friday may 20
regional meet

Boys took second overall. Nearly everyone set season best or pr times/ distances.

6 kids made state finals to be run june 4.

Overall very pleased.

League meet is Tues and Thurs is counties.


Congrats on getting so many kids into the state finals! They must be super-excited. I thought of you last week when we had brutal weather and our kids had to work indoors. It really sucks sometimes!

How did your girls come along in the 100 and 200? Are you happy with the way your 400m runners are finishing races this year as compared to last?

The girls did well overall. Their times didn’t improve much in the 100&200. 400 times dropped a ton. The two who started using KKs template are so strong in finishing.

I am debating on using it for all during outdoors next year. Spend the winter working up to 60 m then outdoors on finishing.

The boys won the division meet! Alot if good performances. My 400 guy ran a 22.3 200…a school record. He later ran a 50.3. The first 200 was into stiff wind.

Thursday was the county meet. Weather was awful. Low 50s and pouring rain. 400 guy ran anchor in 4 x 800 in 1:58 split. About four later ran 59.5 with another stiff wind. Came in at 200 in 25. I was at 200 mark instead of across track. Given he is usually 24-26 splits…I think he can go low 48 s. State best time is 47.7. Low 48 should be top 8 finish based on years past.

State finals are in 1 week

Today was last practice at the school. Tomorrow we travel to the site of state finals. Kids got therapy daily for the past weedk. They feel good and are running well this week. Our goal is school records in the 4 x 800 and 4 x 400 and my 400 m kid place top 8 and break 48.5. I will report back Saturday night