Racing spikes for 400

Hey sprinters. Does it take some getting used to with the racing spikes? I’ve only run in them twice ever in my life. :slight_smile: 2nd half of the 400 my legs feel wobbly and I could not accelerate. I was not really fatigued but just felt a bit weird with spikes. On future work-outs, I’ll try to start working out with racing flats (I need the sole inserts for my flat feet). Any other thoughts?


that isn’t caused by the spikes :wink:

U sure ? I was hoping I could find a pair to help me run 10 flat :smiley:

the shoes aint doin it, the feeling in your legs was fatigue

yes, it’s fatigue most probably. maybe lactic acid (spelling) especially because you couldn’t accellerate.

Well if you have flat feet i suggest you invest in a good pair of trainers instead of training in racing flats. Try a pair with motion control (for your flat feet).