Racing at 7500' coming from sea-level

OK, school is almost over and the meet i am training for is coming up :slight_smile: . However, home (where the meet is held) is at 7500’ and school is at ~20-50’. I am getting back the week before the meet. Here is the question, How do i adjust my training during that week in order to account for the altitude change?

I am definately running the open 400m and a have a 4*400m team. I might run the open 800 as well…

My first inclination (i have had to do something like this with 5k’s before) is to keep speed work as planned, but be lighter on any speed endurance. What does anyone else think?

Speed as planned seems fine, but would more aerobic training be needed to adjust to the higher altitude, ie. reduction in partial pressure of oxygen?

Hmm… the reason why i wanted to watch my speed endurance stuff was that i am a little worried about altitude sickness. Maybe some careful tempo would be better?

I don’t follow. Where are you racing- at altitude or back at sea level? If at sea level, how long after you come down are you racing? It sounds like you’re racing after the Alt trip (?)

Sorry about the lack of clarity, I will have a week before the meet at altitude and i am racing at Altitude.