Race day planning

Hey people, I have a small problem with an upcoming athletics carnival. The field day is first, then the track day is being held on the 30th may. Do you think my cns will still be intact if i’m doing long jump, triple jump and shotput on the field day?

I pulled my upper right quad a bit last training session(16th may), but i’m recovering very very quickly. I’m not running again till 4 days before the carnival though, my coach says it won’t really be too much of a problem, cos’ laying off from the training a bit will help me peak. Since I’ve already started dropping my volume in sessions, I figure i’ll be fine.

I’m following this:

4 days before track day: 4x30m @ 95%
3 days before : 5 x 70m @ 60%
2 days before: 4x30m @ 95%
1 day: Field day, gonna go easy in everything…

Track day: time to waste everyone :slight_smile:

My athletics carnival is on the 29th and 30th of may.

I have a field day first, then a track day.

Anyway, I’ll post my results after the day. Aiming to break 3-4 track records. 16 years 100m, 200m, 400m, and anchor leg for our 17 years 4x100m relay team. :sing:


tass i would be more inclined to separate the workouts with tempo to aid recovery and ease the toll on that quad.

why not do the 5x70m on the 4th day before

tempo on the 3rd day

4x30 on the 2nd day

4x20 block //rest on the 1 dayy before.

you got to recover from the workouts or else you are reversing the process.recovery my man,recovery!

in actual fact rest the last day as you have alot of events lined up

Yo bro i don’t know much about CN’S (is it a news channel) poor joke.

Well yes i would just like to say that on THE 16th May it was my birthday. 16/5/86 the day i was brought inot this world.

Well yes i do not know what CN,S are and i would be very happy (not realy just want to know) what they are people.

Thank You

yeah man…

CNS=Central Nervous System

…and it usually takes 48 hours for it to recover after hi-intensity training! :wink:

This works for me… trieddit twice this season:

4 no special preperation day
3 hard lactic training special work (2x7hurdles from block 15min rest or 5x 5 hurdles 10 min rest) at 400H distance
2 total rest, only stretching
1 relaxed 4x5 min at HF 140 cycling(home trainer) 1 min rest. then much stretching
comp 400Hurdles/

i do home trainer workout because of slight achilles irritation.

For me relative rest before competition is best.

Hey, thought I’d also mention, I was born on the 18th/May/1987. So I just turned 16 a few days ago. :-).

Thought I would mention. I weigh 69 kilos, or 151.8 lbs. I am 172cm tall (5’8-5’9 ft tall)

I currently can bench press 82kg (180.4 lbs) x 3 reps. And I can 1/2 Squat 172kg (378.4lbs) x 6 reps. So I think i’m doing ok in the strength department.

:slight_smile: Competition getting very close