Quikazhell (Jason Manenkoff) YOUTUBE

Hey Guys-

I started a youtube page a few weeks ago. Its basically only my gym lifts for now since I’m currently my current focus is on powerlifting (specifically bench press). I may add all my older track videos when I get time but for now in case any of you were curious since we have talked about some of my gym numbers in the past here it is…


Nice work Jason, looking strong!

Very nice! Can you tell us something about your training routine for the bench? Do you also train for the squat and deadlift.

In the federations I have lifted in you need to have your feet flat on the ground while benching. Does the IPA allow the foot placement you use?

You shoulda change you pseudo as Strongazhell:)

Pretty impressive lift considering your BW

Thanks guys.


Although I have competed in USAPL and currently hold the NYS Raw Record I only compete in federations that do not require your feet to be flat and head to remain on the bench. SSA, IPA, and APA all allow this.
I bench twice per week. One day is dedicated to low end strength or “pause reps” and day #2 is top end strength or sometimes Very high reps such as 4 sets of 225x Max Reps . I also train for the deadlift although I do not put nearly as much focus on it as it is quite eveident that I am just under 500 lbs. which is way off of where I should be compared to my bench press numbers. I currently do not train squat.

Thanks. What rep and set schemes do you generally use?

For Max Effort work no more than 3 reps. Alot of sets. Usually make sure I get in at least 5 work sets but sometimes I may work up to a triple off the chest, triple on a 2 board and triple on a 3 board in the same day. I count all sets over 315 lbs. and That would look something like Chest-315x3, 335x3, 350x3, 2 Board- 355x3, 365x3, 370x3, 3 board- 375x3, 380x3, 385x3. That right there would be 9 work sets. That was just an example.

Btw, whichever keyboard warrior gave me negative rep. points and said “dumbass post a journal not vids” how about state who you are…

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? Explain ? Are you saying it was you that made that comment and gave me negative points?

No, I didn’t make those comments. I was saying jerks do the same shit to me on here.

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On a more positive note. Jason, intereseted by your post on your page

I currently do not squat. Push/Pull is my focus. One of the reason why is because my main sport was/is track and field and squatting is something that i was never able to get into because i felt it had a negative effect on my training for the sprints mainly due to recovery.

yet you do deads which are generally regarded as more taxing :confused:

What i meant was i do not squat because when i was competing in track (at the moment i am not) without actually deadlifting i was able to maintain good numbers same thing with bench but since i did not squat my squat would go way down.

what kind of core work do you do? u have a hell of an adonis belt going on there

So on heavy day you’re doing a lot of heavy reps, >85% of 1RM, and on the other day working to failure. I like this type of setup myself. Do you do much accessary work for chest and tri’s, and do you cycle your training (i.e. unload week every so often)?

I usually go heavy >85% both days. Every 3rd Week or so I will throw in the max reps/failure on the 2nd day and sometimes keep it for 2 weeks straight. As far as Deloading I do it when I start feeling aches and pains which is usually anywhere from 4-6 weeks. But I may just use it to deload my “pressing muscles” and keep the pulls heavy. If I’m feeling like total shit and my mood and sleep sucks then I know its my CNS and I need to deload everything. I do so much pressing with the bar and it takes in excess of an so all I’m left with for accessory work is sometimes DB Presses, high rep delt work, and some skullcrushers.

That is just from being lean (I’ve never been over 7% bodyfat) and is probably from years of sprinting. As far as specific abdominal work… I do abs 2-3x per week at the end of my workouts. The exercises I use are all nautilus style machines (weighted) or Decline Weighted Situps for no more than 20 reps. I also do Landmine Rotations with the Barbell. To be honest with you the reason I do abdominal work is for aesthetic reasons (I want my 6 pack to have more pop) although it is probably helping my bench and deadlift.