Go Blue

Tenn sc took the texas job, miles is heading to michigan.

LSU fans would love nothing more than to get rid of miles. Dooley and Moffit have history so makes sense now…

Wonder who LSU gets now…

While I know some LSU fans don’t like him, there are many who don’t want to see him go.

Alleva is reportedly offering him 4 mil. with incentives getting him to, possibly, 5 mil. At least that’s what I read about an hour ago.

I haven’t met one that does like him. I spend a good deal of time in BR and their sports radio guys blast him constantly and every single call is a we want Miles gone call. Not to mention the random fans and former university employees I have run across.

Any thoughts on Stanford SC program?

Kevin Tolbert is the Head Strength Coach at Stanford University. He received his Strength and Conditioning education at University of Michigan. Mike Gittleson is his mentor as he is mine. If you watched the Stanford /Virgina Tech Orange Bowl game the other night , you know Kevin is doing an incredible job with his athletes at Standford.

As a young man he performed 23 reps with 375 lbs on the bench press and performed 30 reps with 600 lbs in the barbell squat. Kevin knows how to Get Strong.

Kevin explains, starting with blocks and starting without them are similar but they are not the same.

Start with your hand and foot as close to the line as comfortable and allowed….I mean close!
• First step should be well into the timing area
• Most powerful leg should be drive leg
• Head in normal postural position relative to spine
• Do not cock your arm
• Place hand in your pocket
• Drive leg should be at a right angle with space underneath your drive legs heel.
• You should have to fall forward
• Hips, head and spine, trail leg
• Trail leg distance minimal for quick drive forward

The feet and hands as close as possible goes contrary to what a lot of people say but gerhart ran what 4.5 right.

What do you think?

From what I hear these days - since stanford beat tech there strength program must be better?

I don’t teach it that way but have ran good times while being close to the line…

He must be doing something right strengthwise but the whole hands and feet thing, yeah, not feeling it.


Oh yeah, gittleson was his mentor. Hit just wont die! Kinda like the agility ladder, both get ya nowhere. Again Ill admit he must be doin something worth while. Gittleson did, even though alot of people dont like everything he does

Drive/ Acceleration
• Keep head in neutral position
• Maintain good body lean; (45 deg or less)
• Drive legs/knees high, hard, and fast
• Aggressive arm action
• Eyes down

When done correctly it looks like you do have blocks!

• Eyes down!
• Stay low 8-10 yards
• Do not look up until head comes to normal position

Top End Speed

• Swing arms hard and fast
• Fast leg turnover
• Stay relaxed!
• Run hard!!

Isn’t Florida SC a Gittleson guy?

Usain Bolt likes the leg press.

Leg press must be a good exercise for fast people.

Stronger hands is the key too. Strengthen those hands and your leg press will go up.

I wonder will this guy follow jim to the 49ers. The new Univ of Texas SC says texas is a pro program and he will train the guys as such. LOL!!!


Slow and controlled! Get those reps boys. Pussssshhhhh it. SC’s it is your job to get those extra reps out of these boys. Boom!

How many of the rest of you make $240,000 like this guy lol. Much respect to you fellas enduring this profession.

The Miss State SC mentored under this guy so I think it is logical to say Miss State HIT > Michigan HIT lol.

Is he a HIT guy?

They stole Manny so fuck UT.

called a moye start

he has messed the top end

I was talking about stanford SC.

I know. Who is the 49ers current SC? Is he good?

I would say hes good - Latif Thomas is good friends with him.