could someone give me some kind of sample program to improve my quickness with weights and running, would really like to improve first step quickness

i have done alot of sprints, bleachers, and some quickness drills, and havent seen much results, have not concentrated as much on weights, primarily just done squats, about 4 x 10 and calf raises, leg extentions and hamstring curls, then an upper body workout

i am a college basketball player
i am 6’4

vertical Jump(standing)- 29"
Bench Press- 175
Squat- 285
40 yard dash- 4.9
5-10-5 - 4.9

any help would be appreciated

Most tall people are not quick and can’t get quick. If you watch football the shortest guys are always the quickest. But you could always get better at something so keep doing quickness drills and it will come gradually. Try doing plymetrics too.

Much to broad of a generalization. Additionally, plyometrics are the LAST form of training a basketball player, especially in-season, should be performing. Basketball is very plyometric in nature. Thus, the addition of plyometric jumps have a high probability of inducing injury. Charlie, talked about this during the Vancouver workshop.

Matt, first step quickness is largely a function of max strength, reactive strength, and relative strength/power.

In view of your current numbers, get stronger and you will become faster, quicker, and jump higher.

Forget about calf raises, leg extensions and leg curls. Stick to squat, DL, and GM variations.

What do you weigh?

rate work helps a bunch - get that light on your feet vibe

if you’ve done a lot of strength and plain old traditional weight work, you will have “lead” feet :slight_smile:

and get your calves and feet strong and reactive - gotta be on the balls of your feet to be springy and quick

I don’t know if i agree with the statement about tall people not being quick ( lebron, Kobe etc.) but neway i would suggest some complex training along with u just doing short sprints (10m, 20m). I am 6’ tall and a basketball player and i did this to regain my first step quickness after i was injured. This really helped me and it WILL help you too.

i would go with what James Smith says! Max Str and out of plyos in-season…

Bonez: do you still train with the complex method, or was this of great help to you just to come back?

Lebron and Kobe aren’t quick compared to Iverson and other short guys. And look at rb’s in the nfl. The shorter they are the quicker they are. Examples are Barry Sanders and Warrick Dunn. Even the thicker short guys are quick. On the other hand the tall guy aren’t quick. Most good punt/kick returners are short. Some of them aren’t even that fast but they are so quick.

does this mean that they lack the ability to “become” quick?

Michael Vick and Randy Moss are pretty quick aren’t they? The reason most rb’s are short is because a shorter person is harder to get a hold of and tackle. Short basketball players (Iverson and my man Dee Brown come to mind) are the quickest because they have to be, it’s a job requirement, not so for a big guy.

I went and looked up Iverson’s stats: 6’0" 165lbs and Lebrons: 6’8" 240lbs. That’s amazing how light Iverson is. No wonder he’s so quick.

Also, Warrick Dunn’s teammate Allen Rossum ran the 100m in 10.02 and he’s 5’8". So short guys can be quick and fast.

It is true that alot of them are fast but the ones that aren’t are still quick. Michael Vick is only 6’(thats what he is listed as he could be shorter) and Randy Moss is a freak of nature. He is the best player/athlete in the nfl. And it is not harder to tackle a short person. It apears that way because the short guys are quick and the defender can’t get his body into him to make a good tackle. It is not only weight. If you compare a short and tall guy with the same weight almost always the shorter guy will be quicker. And I am talking about football player more because that is what I know better.

Andre Cason was very very fast and so was Don Quarrie. Maurice and Ato are hardly tall men at 5’9". Pietro Minnea was about 5’8". So I think its fair to say that short men are fast/quick.

Tall men can also be very quick, I know one who stands at 6’4" and has ran 10.17 secs and busted 9.9 secs at Mount Sac but the electronic clock failed so was not ratified.

Quickness favours the average height man (general statement) but tall men can also be fast.

The guy I know is quick but not in terms of agility quickness, if that makes sense.

being European, i have no idea about football, obviously and i am not trying to be pain in a** here, just to mention a couple of things…

what you are saying is true in general, but i suppose you agree that height does not exclude quickness/speed; in the case of two guys having the same weight and the shorter being quicker, it might not necessarily be the case with the same training background; differences after this might be explained via genetics, mechanics, etc…

just a comment…

I agree that plyo’s shouldn’t be a training method in season unless u have the appropriate rest before u compete. As with basketball and having to be short to be fast or quick is a bunch of crap. This is only sames this way because it is the only way that these guys can stay in the league. Being quick or fast is one thing but once you are explosive u won’t have a problem. To prove this look at the best players in the league (Kobe,T-mac). These guys aren’t the fastest guys in terms of being able to run the best 40m time but they are so explosive that they can blow past any player in the league. Just think about that. Don’t worry about being fast just work on being explosive. Think explosive and train to be explosive and u will be just fine. And yes i still am using complex training (this is one way to train to be explosive)

I have to disargee, a shorter guy is harder to tackle, first and foremost because there’s less of him to tackle!

I’ve played on both sides of the ball. Rarely ever having to worry about being out run it was just about getting low enough. Warrick Dunn is the perfect example watch the way he turtles before the defender makes contact, he gives you nothing to hit! Every good runner will get low just before contact (Dunn being one of the best I’ve ever seen). It goes back to physics, lower center of gravity= harder to knock over.

You created a disturbance in saying all tall people aren’t quick! As a regualer you should know there are few absolutes.

Also it’s relative to matt’s situation. As a basketball player he’ll be going against other tall people!

Posterior chain work. Fast and explosive. Do some for strength, but focus on the explosive. No Mariusz P. stuff, but raise the glass ceiling of strength level. An example could be squat 5 reps in 7 seconds. The higher a percentage of your bodyweight should translate into quickness. Be consistent on depth. Use a box or bungy cord. Start with 50% of guesstimated max. Do some simple 1-3-5 jumps. Note the differences. Figure out your weaknesses and attack them. Search the CF.com files. Hey, good name for a TV show! Are there any aliens in Canada?

never forget feet and calves! I learnt this the hard way

Its like racing a car on skinny wheels and street tyres!
Why spend all the time putting in a bigger engine and turbo, when you can’t put the power down? :wink:

Agree with all just to add two other smaller points …

… technique and the whole neuro-visual aspect also.

Technique -
You’d be surprised how many athletes use a false step or rocking step to assist in generating power

Neuro-Visual aspect -
Anticipation, vision, relaxtion etc.

and always practise the above rested!

Interesting point CoolColJ. What kind of specific work would you recommend in this area for staying “light on your feet”?