quickness and strength training

I am getting ready to start playing college basketball at Texas State in about 3 months and was wondering if i could get some help developing a lot more strength and quickness
I want to really improve my overall first step quickness and lateral movement and improve my overall upper body and lower body strength

Can anybody give me some ideas for a program

Vertical- 32"
Bench Press- 185
Squat- 235
40- 4.9
Pro Agility- 4.8

I am not the quickest or fastest person, but really need to work on my quickness for basketball, any help would be appreciated

The typical thing to do would be to do olympic lifts, strength training and plyometrics. I’m guessing you aren’t used to olympic lifting and this might not be the best time to start, right before the season.

Do a search on plyometrics and also medicine ball throws. These will help you the most. Also, try to get out on the basketball court and perform game-like manuevers as quick and explosively as possible.

considering his weakness, I’d say a program incorporating dynamic lifts (oly’s/ DE box squats: speed strength) and maximal lifts would yeild best results

Well how much do you weigh and how tall are you? Those are also important factors we need to know before giving further advice. Also, any estimate of how much of that weight is fat versus muscle?

im 6’3 and 185 pounds

Your weight room numbers look awfully low compared to your vertical. I run a hand-timed 4.7-4.8 on grass, and bench 250 and squat 410, although my vertical is less than 32" I’m sure. I weigh 190 lbs. right now, just 5 more than you.

Perhaps you’re very IIb dominant, which would be a good thing. I’m no expert, but I’d recommend focusing on increasing your strength, particularly your squat. Maybe your lower back is also a weak point that needs to be addressed?

I agree with Eltosian in that your weight room numbers look low compared to your vertical . I would focus on getting your squats above 300 lbs, and train your hamstrings, abs, and lower back hard. Also find someone who is faster, quicker, and better than you and play one on one(sometimes full court) as well as pickup games against better players.