quick Whey question

i know this should probably be in the nutritional section, but i’m in need of a fairly quick reply, as i may end up having to return this product…

so i asked a friend to pick up some whey protein for me, so he went to GNC and picked up this exact product:


Now, under the nutritional facts, it says that 1 scoop/serving contains 70 mg of choloesterol! (23% DV). This worried me a little bit, so i wanted to make sure that this isn’t out of the ordinary and just to check whether or not i should look into returning this one for another type of whey.

Also, it contains 3290 mg of Glutamine per serving. Is this enough for a post workout shake? (I am 17 years old and weight 130 lbs)

Thanks alot!

thats a lot of cholesterol. get ON whey or dymatize elite whey.