Quick easy q's

Just to be sure.

When I squat (regular stance, around parallel) I feel it in my hamstrings more than my quads. This is because I’ve got dominant hamstrings right?

Has anyone tried squatting with plates under their heels? Did it make major difference in involving quads?

I might make myself a station for GHRs. I thought GHR works knee extensors aswell as hip extensors. Common sense makes me think I’ll get more out of GHR than SLDL? Opinions?

I’m 6ft3. I try to get a stretch, full ROM on stiff leg deads, but when I extend from the hip, the barbell ends up on the floor, the floor takes away tension. The further I lean forward/extend at the hip, the more stretch I feel in my hamstrings. My back rounds, am I going too deep? I’ve got a platform I could use, should I use it or not go so deep?

Couldn’t find nothing on the search, newb stuff I know. :smiley:

  1. not necessarily.

  2. elevating the heel, in effect, lengthens the tibia and shifts the combined center of gravity forward, thereby, overloading the quadriceps.

  3. GHR works the dual function of the hamstrings which is knee flexion (not extension) as well as hip extension. Don’t be too quick to rule out dl variations, as the role of hamstrings in hip extension is much more prevalent in most ground based movement.

  4. If you are performing SLDL’s you can use a platform, I wouldn’t recommend that you intentionally round your back though. You may also perform RDL’s, as moving the hips to the posterior provides for a mechanical position in which the bar does not need to come as close to the floor in order to fully stretch the hamstrings.

Thanks James.