Questions I cannot find answers to in CFTS

I have had the online book for quite a while, but my training has changed considerabley over time, as I am mainly powerlifting using Westside principles.

I lift 4 times a week. Twice lower, twice upper, a max effort day and dynamic day for both upper and lower. The routine right now is strict and cannot be really changed other than volume but I am wondering how to fit a bit of sprint work around it and tempo to keep from overtraining.

Schedule is like this…

Mon.- ME upper
Tues.- DE lower
Weds.- OFF
Thurs- DE upper
Fri.- ME lower
Sat.- OFF
Sun.- OFF

I was thinking adding sprint work in the PM as I lift in the AM on Monday and Thursday, with tempo on Tuesday and Friday in the PM. Do you consider this too much? Cut down to only one sprint day, if so what day?

Sorry for all the questions, but I need a shot in the right direction. Thanks

Do the tempo on your off days, maybe wed and sat (tempo helps with recovery).

Thanks for the suggestion, that sound resonable. Do the sprinting days look fine?


You can do WS 3x per week. Jim Wendler wrote an article on it over at Dave Tate’s site. This was his split:

Week 1

Day 1 – Dynamic bench press
Day 2 – Max effort squat/DL
Day 3 – Max effort bench press

Week 2

Day 1 – Dynamic squat/DL
Day 2 – Dynamic bench press
Day 3 – Max effort squat/DL

Week 3

Day 1 – Max effort bench press
Day 2 – Dynamic squat/DL
Day 3 – Dynamic bench press

Using your split here’s a possible rotation: (adjust volume of speed and tempo as needed and take active recovery days when needed - listen to your body)

Week 1:

Mon - (1) Speed (2) ME upper
Tues - Tempo
Wed - (1) Speed (2) DE lower
Thu - Tempo
Fri - (1) Speed (2) DE Upper
Sat - Off
Sun - Off

Week 2:

Mon - (1) Speed (2) ME Lower
Tues - Tempo
Wed - (1) Speed (2) ME Upper
Thurs - Tempo
Fri - (1) Speed (2) DE Lower
Sat - Off
Sun - Off

Week 3:

Mon - (1) Speed (2) DE Upper
Tues - Tempo
Wed - (1) Speed (2) ME Lower
Thurs - Tempo
Fri - start rotation over

Football Coach, that is very nice plan and I will have to save that for the future, before next track season when my training will be more speed based, but I need it worked around a 4 day westside split as after football my training will be powerlifting based for the upcoming powerlifting season, BUT I want to work in some speed/tempo based sessions in to stay in shape and keep my speed from dropping or to have to progress slowly.