Questions for CF regarding hurdle warm-ups.

I’m in the process of re-designing my hurdle warm-up and I’ve used your recommendations for the sprint w-u from the gpp disc in the past.

Though I’m still using that template, I want to make sure I’ve got the components sequenced properly.

Where would (if you would) incorporate any hurdle drills into the w-u would they take place in the Mach drill section, possibly between the runs of the 2-4 x 30m part of w-u two or where exactly?

Would it be advisable to do the flat sprint w-u section of the w-u, as above, and then follow that up with actual hurdle starts over h1/h2 etc.?


I’d put the hurdling into the WU2 portion in place of or in combination with the accels in spikes. no need for a major ‘rehearsal’ type WU favoured by some- what would you do if you relied on this in a place like Zurich where you just warm-up on the grass with almost no track time?

Do you incorporate any hurdle drills in the w-u?

I just do the dynamic hurdle mobility drills as part of the warm up. We do these all sitting on the floor. Having got the required ROM we move into a few accelerations and runs over maybe 4 hurdles if there is time and facilities for this. But as CF says it’s important to be able to warm up no matter what the conditions or facilities so I don’t necessarily make it part of habit.

bumping up for CF.

I never used any hurdle drills- just over the middle

I think he is talking about mobility hurdle drills?

Just the trail leg exercises you see on the GPP download

Thats ur answer Pioneer.

You can use your imagination too, and if no hurdles exists, Pretend there are!! Still seems to do the desired outcome - loosening up hips etc.

although not good for those who are self conscious and are afraid of looking like a fool?

That’s what I was wondering about. Thanks

im lost what is “just over the middle”

Didn’t do lead and trail leg drills- just over the middle of the hurdle towards the end of the WU and then the race.

Do you think it is a waste of time or not needed to do trail leg and lead leg drills off to the side of the hurdles during practice?

Been a while since I’ve seen this.

Where, exactly, would you bring the actual hurdle work into the w-u? As part of the build-ups or possibly where the first set of accelerations occur for the sprinters?

I definitely want to apply the CFTS to my hurdling program for this coming year.

The trail leg and lead leg drill off the side can allow bad habits to creep in. So we have always done all the drills the middle of the hurdle. I am not sure if it’s a waste of time but I am sure you can accomlish everything going over the middle of the hurdle.

Regarding the warm-up for a hurdle race, the same warm-up as done for sprinting with some additional static hurdle stretching, static trail leg rotation, five step hurdling over 4 H or so and couple of runs over 2 hurdles and then race.

Ditto on the half-hurdle drills. What’s the point? You can work on the same aspects in a more holistic way if you stay down the middle rather than the sides.

As for warm up, it is often a question of what’s available. If you have access to hurdles on a warm up track or adjacent area, get over a few 5 stepping or close spaced 3 steps, and then some full speed stuff over 2 to 3 hurdles and maybe a start (block or 3 pt) or two. If there are no hurdles, you do “air” hurdling as suggested. Looks weird, but it works when you have no other options.