Questions about EMS intensity - should I increase amplitude, rate, or width?

I just bought an EMS-6500 and had a few questions about optimizing my EMS time.

It has two amplitude hookups that go from 1-8 and rate between 5-120Hz and width between 1-300. It has a total of 4 electrodes.

I set the on time to 10 seconds, rest time to 50 seconds, ramp time to 1 second and experimented with my quads.

I know that when I raise the rate and width and amplitude, it is more intense. But which should I be trying to increase if my goal is explosive power, maximum fast twitch fiber recruitment for jumping higher?

I used 120 Hz, 3 amplitude, and 300 pulse width (?) on my right quad for 10 minutes. 10 sec on, 50 sec off. By the time I got to my left quad, I had lost some guts (more likely placed the electrodes slightly differently for a more intense contraction) and dropped it to 3 amplitude, 100 Hz and 200 width.

To say it was more intense that I was expecting would be an understatement. I of course started much lower. Then, knowing Charlie advised cranking it up as much as tolerable for maximum benefits, I started upping the numbers. By the time I got to those numbers my jaws were clenched and I could’ve used something to bite on.

Also, what is the width?

Thank you in advance for your time. I have another session planned for Wednesday night before bed.

Background: I am a walk on basketball hopeful who weighs 210, is 6’4" and has a 34-36" vertical and a 36-38" jump with steps. Both off two feet. I have lost my ability to jump any higher than 24-28" off one leg (I of course would like it back). I am also battling shin splints and “jumpers knee” but still want to jump higher and move faster.

-Erik Lukas

Anyone? I would like to know the answer to this too.

For strength building use frequency of 80Hz and above, whatever feels comfortable :wink: The pulse width is just another means of controlling the intensity, so for the most intense contraction you would use 300us pulse width and maximum amplitude. Hope this helps.