hey everyday at practice we run hills, do some suicide sprints and defensive slides. so wat im trying to say is that on rest days ru supposed to not do any training right, but i cant do that so what should i do. my program consists of monday wednesday and friday with tuesday thursday and saturday being rest days but i cant rest on those days since i sitll do those things in practice, so should i just train 5 days a week now, im lost

someone please be kind of enough to give me a knowledgable answer!

ur training for basketball right ?

if ur doing extra stuff just make sure it mixes in well with whateva your coach has you doin. You must be pre season at the moment if ur doin drills on hills ? doubling up or doing a greater volume aint going to necessarily get u gains

Why not switch your gym days to coincide with your practice days? Make sure you have adequate time between practice and wieght room time.

i hav practice 5 days a week…and we do the conditioning drills every day

Just play ball lift twice a week (on days you practise), and take a day or two completely off. Don’t complicate things.