Question on Isos

Lol… you’d better check your eyesight and/or reading abilities cause I have never done that!

I will check tonite.

I wouldn’t say I was recovered when I started using them. They are part of my recovery plan. I agree a number of things could have played a role … but that holds true for just about anything in life.

To answer your questin, when I hold a 90degree wall squat for 2 minutes I don’t really feel much any more, the pain settles after 2.30minutes. Then the muscles start shaking/burning,heart rate goes up, I start sweating. And when it’s over, I get chills in my body, that’s by far my favorite part !

The program I’m using is not just long 5 minute holds, it also incorpotates iso reps (movement involved > those are less boring !!)

Back in February when I was sprinting on the iso off days, I was very close to pb practices up to 60meters, without doing any other work.

Perhaps I don’t know all the science behind it, but I like to stay open minded. I’m not going to say “it doesn’t work” just because nobody elite is doing them (Besides, elites got someplace from somewhere, and we mostly talk about what they’re doing now.
On another note, martial artists do a LOT of iso holds, and a lot of them are very good short sprinters, without ever doing any kind of sprint work. Maybe that is tied in somehow… ).

But I’ll let you know how things go in my case when I’m back on the track again … !! :slight_smile:


Where these holds in a relatively stretched position, or where they held in a variety of positions?

Thanks for your insight.

Not exactly sure if I understand your question, but I use a variety of different positions to cover different muscle groups. I feel a stretch particularly in lunge holds.

We’ll have three man relays- I’ll time and Rupert will film!!

I did a 60" deep Squat ISO hold on the vibration platform today (20 Hz). The last 10" were painful, like the last 30m of a 200m dash.

The 50m build ups on grass afterward felt really nice.

I am adding this to all my strength sessions, alternating lunge and squat.

Be careful about the amount of time you spend on the vibration platform. One minute is probably ok but doing it for significant durations(3-5 minutes) is alot of time spent with a significant amount of force.

did you know where i can find some stuff on the Shroeder method?

Good luck finding specifics. There was quite a lot (at times heated) of discussion a year or so ago. Here is a start.

Here is an article from Kelly re Iso’s

Not too sure about this! The longest I’ve ever heard of anyone holding the lunge is 7min. Iso holds are so hard you usually fatigue in around 90s anyway if you are doing them right. The point is that Jay wants you to REALLY WANT TO TRAIN and give your all every session. Until you can prove you will do this he doesn’t want to work with you.

The point about Jay’s system is that you are always pushing yourself mentally. The aim is to train until you mentally give up. So it doesn’t matter how good you are everyone trains to their maximum (in terms of mental) tollerence every session. If he writes 10min of isoextreme lunges he doesn’t expect you to complete it but he expects you to try your best. Not everyone wants to train this way and so it is selective in terms of who will achieve using such a program.

1: Do you assign workouts you don’t expect to be completed?
2: If so, how do you plan the one to follow that, or is there no plan, just Autoreg?
3: What matters; how tough a workout is or the results of that workout?
4: Who has this system produced?
5: Do you measure fecal length?
6: Wouldn’t 5 be more specific to politicians?

Be careful about the amount of time you spend on the vibration platform. One minute is probably ok but doing it for significant durations(3-5 minutes) is alot of time spent with a significant amount of force.

I have been using the vibration platform for the last 3 years :wink:

Boy! You must be really tired!

Beat me to it …

You must be sure fit to shake a cocktail by now

After going through this thread and trying to figure out the rationale behind it, all I can say is that thank goodness this guy isn’t training Asafa Powell.

Boy! You must be really tired!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My question is if you are naturally good why would you want to train like this anyway? Generally people I’ve seen who do train like this arn’t the most tallented and so want to overcome this “limitation” with hard work. If nothing else you know you trained hard!

Why do you want to know you trained hard when you got “nothing else”?

Because he is a master Marketeer!