Question for top speed training

When you work on your top speed, is downhill sprint good? RIghtnow i’m doing a slight 10 degree downhill sprint with parachute, about 15-20 yards of pulling and release the parachute and explode out. And here’s come an important question. when training for top speed, DO I START WITH REGULAR STARTING STANCE OR JOGS TO ACCELERATE then pull that 20 yards at top speed already and release after 20 yards? THanks

How do you manage to do all these at the same time? :confused:

Downhill sprinting is generally dangerous. Charlie doesn’t use parachutes in his system. Check out the Charlie Francis Training System Ebook from the store. It is the best investment you can make with regard to speed development and it is very cheap.

See my Review:



Is there anywhere i can find the CFTS in print? I dont know anything about e-books.

I bought it before but then i formatted my copmputer and didnt save the file… do i have to buy another one?

No, I believe if you log into your account and click the order you can download the file again.

well, they upgraded the page, i just tried, my account should be the same user name i use here in the forum, but didnt work, i bought that long time ago, and I DEFINTIELY BOUGHT IT, its not that im trying to steal that 16 dollars

Probably should discuss that with Rupert. I’m sure he could help you out with that matter.

Not really, they are gold dust. I sold one of my copies for $300 to raise money to buy the DVDs etc (and because this guy was begging me to do it). The ebook is simply a PDF file that you download. You can then read it on your PC (what I do) or print it out (probably cost you like $20). All in all it is cheaper than $300! And you get it instantly so no hanging around for ages for it to ship etc.