Question for David W

Hello David,

Great job on your snatch, the video looked awsome. I saw that you live in England and was wondering if you ever heard of a fellow named John Lear? The reason bieng is that i have a book on olympic weightlifting written by him it is a truly awsome book. It said he used to be the national coach for GB. Just wondering!!! Thanks

Yeah I know John and have his book - it doesn’t compare to Art Dreschler’s…

Where can one get either book?

Art’s book, the encyclopedia of weightlifting is fairly easy to buy, i got mine at a local borders books store. The John lear book i have no idea where to get it, a teacher of mine gave it to me. I like both books alot and have a learned a great deal from both. Especially since i live in an area where OL coaches are few and far between.