Question for Charlie

I just had a debate about whether or fact Ben used German Volume Training to build muscle mass in his thighs during the beginning of his career? I just had the impression that you never did as many as 10 sets of Squats :confused:

He did not use such numbers in squats- but did use larger numbers in the bench in 1985

charlie, just so there is no confusion. ben did reps of 10 in the bench, not 10 sets of bench…correct?

I don’t want to set the cat among the pidgeons here but he did both for a few weeks only during the early part of the 1985 season. But the set numbers dropped rapidly to 6. He touched 10 reps for brief periods each year afterwards but never above 6 sets again. It’s hard to tell in the overall scheme of things how much of a role it played in cross-sectional development, but it was there- at least for a short while.

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page…Charles Poliquin was not involved with Ben’s training at all. Soon we will get stories of Ben Benching before his 100m race in 88! CP is known for German Volume training in his writings and that can cause confusion…

I dont think it was German volume that caused the confusion…