Question For Charlie regarding.... outdoors

hi there Charlie

Can you please just shed some light on how we as a group can approach the season after having a succesful indoor season. I have read and worked with a lot of your ideas but sometimes i am still a litle bit hazy how you advocate putting the season together. i.e speed endurance, speed and at what stage do you change to 2 or 3 speed a week… questions like that. I know for example you sometime use 500m for special endurance and so on …

Can you please reply with how you will approach the coming months (starting March) leading to the olympics maybe giving some examples of session to describe that time of the year. The weights is no problem, dont get me wrong i am not sending the mail as a novice am just trying to to double check with you again about how to approch the season after the World Indoors. My athletes are predominantly 100/200m runners.

dear Charlie, I posted this mail about a while ago and thought you might have been able to shed some kind of light on this question. Please i would appreciate any kind of help or advise regarding the question.