Question for Charlie regard. warm-ups.

Charlie, you indicate in the dvd two separate parts of static stretching and one part of pnf within the warm-up. How much of a time gap should there between the static stretching and training speed work or the competition race. Presumably there should be some significant gap or lag time. Also, how much warm-up is necessary or what should be eliminated from the warm-up prior to the SECOND race of the day? Thanks.

Usually any static stretch occurs early on in the warm up, before drills, which have an elastic componant, so there may be 15 to 20min till the PNF stretches, which occur after most of the drills are done. Usually, if the athlete is well prepared for competition, the second warm-up of the day will have less- if any- static stretching, though I prefer that the athlete decide if- and how much static stretching to use.

How long would the second warm-up be relative to the intitial warm-up? I’ve been told to do a lot less general warm-up and get specific sooner in the second warm-up. Also, will warm-up II be included in the SPP dvd? Thanks for your advice.

The second warm-up will be shorter, though I’m not sure that you’d get to anything “specific” sooner, as the main goal of the warm-up is the raising of the core temperature. This may be quite individual- probably more-so on the second warm-up than the first. We will show the WU2 on the SPP DVD

That may be worth buying the dvd alone to see, I was wondering your comments on hsi warmups. It would seem to me that there long vs. short warmup would not effect the overall warmup too much. Maybe the longer one would actually be more tiring then the shorter one. I remember I was taught to take rests during stretching so I wouldnt feel tired, never loose to much energy stretching or in the warmup itself. I think by adding a couple striders here and there would not make a huge overall difference. Why tire the athlete out before speed training. I guess specifically I am referring to john smiths video where mike marsh is performing warmup protocols (10x100m tempo!?) along with current hsi information passed around by here say ect. I find that sometimes the longest way isnt always the best way to warmup.


Are the hip/torso/arm-shoulder rotations done in place or while moving? Any idea when the SPP dvd will be released?

We do them while moving. Not sure on the SPP project, we need to figure out how to get it done in less time than the last one!

Charlie, any basic guidelines for WUII since it might be some time before the spp dvd(a lot of abbreviations!) comes out and we start competing next week!? I have totally revised our warm-ups thanks to your gpp program and so far the athletes really like the changes. Used to use more of a circuit type of warm-up which I think to some degree did more to fatigue the athletes than just prepare them for training and comp. Biggest improvement has been in major flexibility increases in a number of the athletes so far. So far our warm-up II has just consisted of a number of progressively faster and longer build-ups before the sprint work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I’d stick with what you’re doing so close to meets- it’s working.
We usually do 6 build-ups in spikes over about 60m then 2 to 4 30m standing starts as well as 2 or 3 very short block starts before competition

I know I’m never ending with the questions re:warm-ups but is there a limit to the time length you like your athletes to hold their stretches? I like the flexibility work we are doing now but a little paranoid about going too long so as to deaden the elastic response.

It’s totally by athlete preference but usually stretches aren’t held very long

Does anyone use AIS-type stretching in their warm-ups? The PNF stretches on the DVD look like a combination of AIS and PNF, in that they are only held for a second or two, then the limb is pushed out against slight resistance back to the starting position, and the stretch is repeated.

I’m thinking of making AIS a major component of my warmup. Have you experimented with this?

Yes, I like it. There’s really nothing magical about it, but the short holds tend to work well in a warm-up situation.

Even though you often don’t have a chance to really time it perfectly due to being held in tent, marshalling area, etc., what is the ideal time or time range between warm-up and competition(last sprint from warm-up) 15-20 minutes depending upon conditions?

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Depends on conditions and the level and fitness of the athlete. Very fit top sprinters can hold their warm-up much longer than beginners. for top athletes 10 to 20 minutes is prob therange- but they must be able to handle 20min to be ready for the big ones.

My weekly/daily warm-up question. Not as a hard and fast rule but as a general guideline would it be safe to say that the warm-up prior to the SECOND race of the day should be approximately 1/2 the volume/time of warm-up I ? (though it would be as long as necessary to be prepared)

It would be less but I doubt it would be half unless the races were fairly close together.