Question for Charlie Francis

what training drills did you do with your
weight vest and how much weight.

I have a 40 pound weight vest i can change the weight.
Got it from

A weight vest should never add more than 10%, which means your vest needs to lose weight- or you do! Weighted drills should emphasize the verticle componants of training. We mostly used weight for power speed drills ( like running As).

So can i run with it and what drills do you

I think he mentioned running A’s.

Also, plyometrics with light weight added to body (again, no more than 10%), gets favourable results according to research tests. Depth jumps/box jumps for example. Charlie mentions; " vertical in nature."

I have heard that the value of weight vests is not by using them during training, but instead to use them to create a “hyper-gravity” environment by wearing them around all day while you do all of your normal activities. Then take it off when you are doing your workouts. Keep the weight at less than 5% of your body weight.

I tried this for about a month. I started off with just a couple of pounds and worked up to about 10#. I stopped recently because I had been having pain in the top of my left foot and was concerned that the weight vest was contributing. I’m not sure if it actually was, but I didn’t like the coincidence.