Question for Charlie about Sample Week diagram in E-Book

In the ‘Sample Weekly Workout Schedule’ diagram in the Forum Review e-book, it gives an example for the speed work done during a week.

eg. Mon: Starts + Runs up to 60m, Wed: Starts & SPE 2x250m, Fri: Starts & Runs at 80,100,120m.

Is this an example of the work done in a week during phase 3 (eg. endurance emphasis).

Can you please give me a similar example for what you would do during phase 1 (acceleration emphasis) and phase 2 (top speed emphasis).


The answer gets a little complicated, basically because your flexibility is so great and the needs vary by age and level. You can emphasize acceleration and work some endurance at the same time by accelerating up to the distance you’re ready for and maintaining for the planned distance. If you do the reps at the exact distance you accelerate to, it’s likely that endurance will predominate, but, obviously, you can work accel to 30 or 40m and work longer with a shorter acceleration (20m + maintain for example). The variables are pretty much limitless.The example shown would most likely be from phase one of a long to short program. Our short-to-long programs tended to work out to 60m in phase one. This doesn’t imply that endurance is not there, as rep 60s with varying rests can be done. What I don’t want to do is give cookie-cutter workouts, which might not be appropriate for most readers.
I think the best idea would be for people to post planned weekly sessions for phase one with an explanation for their choices.