Question for Charlie about Potential

Charlie (or anyone with an informed opinion),

There has been some debate in other forums and circles about how Marion’s start and arm swing has hampered her times during the course of her career-particularly when with Trevor. I have always attributed these things (start) to her height and levers. 1. How do you see these technical issues or observations -particularly as it relates to her sart and drive phase (acceleration)?

Also one elite track athlete thinks that she has not performed much better than many other top runner throughout history. 2. How do you see Marion in terms of her potential and overall ability among other athletes-historically or currently? I ask this because I have always felt that she was potentially the most gifted female sprinter of all time and many who have seen her up close attest to her remarkable combination of work ethic and raw talent.

Lastly: 3. Why does it appear, or what could account for the fact that her progression has stalled after 1999 or may even have lapsed somewhat (pre-preganancy, of course).

all insights are encouraged and welcomed.