question about layoff from speed training

Hey guys, ive got a question for ya.

I havent gotten any speed training in for about a little over a month now due to extreme school work and also due to being sick. No speed sessions and no tempo as well. Ive definitely let myself go and im worried about it. Before this time off i was usually doing about 2 speed sessions a week along with 2 tempo sessions a week on a regular basis. I was working mainly on top speed work seeing as how this is not the time of year for GPP.

I want to know how much this layoff has hurt my speed, and if i have indeed lost some speed because of this layoff, how long do you think it will take me to get back to where i was once i resume speed training 2-3 times a week? Im concerned about this layoff and how much it has affected me, as you can tell. From personal experience, how much does a 35-50 day layoff from speed training affect you?

Thanks for any help, i appreciate it.

I wouldn’t think it would hurt you too much and that you can re-learn your speed in a couple of weeks. You shouldn’t have lost too much conditioning, so you should have the fitness to deal with the speed. That’s speaking from personal experience as opposed to science. Thoughts??

It depends upon how much uninterrupted training you put in prior to your lay off, but one thing for sure, don’t try to make up for lost time by putting in extra high intensity work. Just build it back up gradually.

Well I was off speed work for about 4 months because of hamstring issues.

I’ve been doing high intensity training for the past month without issues and it’s incredible how far I’ve come along in that time. I’ve gone from about an 11.5 to 11.2 100 time within the past month.

I also did a fair amount of plyo and weight work during my time off speed work so that I feel I’ve given my body capacity to go even faster.