Question About Ice Baths

Clemson, in your article, Mr Freeze, I believe you reccomend ice baths 2-3 hours post workout. In your new article however, PHD Regeneration, you reccomend 45-80 minutes post workout. Which one is it? Did I misinterpret something?

I knew the phd article would cause some confusion because when does training end? After the warm down, after the last training set, or when you come home? That window (Mr Freeze) is 2-3 hours after the exact stress time including warm-down and lifting. The PHD article is post workout after the warm-down has completed since that is rather clear.

One improvement on the new article is what I call the NIGHTMARE4D test…meaing will it be practical. This is why I reduced a few things on the modality to save time because not everyone is professional.

I would also add that this is and you should ask the man himself…all I do is just try to enhance what the greats before me have done by organizing info…my site is free to view and does get a lot of crossover from and other boards (parametrix and others) but want to respect the board here. I am not a smart guy but I am smart enough to value other people’s work.

I do like the free publicity but I don’t want to be a PR jerk…

Alright, Thanks