quarter squats

How would the strenghtdevelopment be if the athlete should do quarter squats during all phases, insted of deep and paralell, is that possible?
(This due injuryproblems) Could he still progress his speed on track?

What is ‘his’ injury problem Mohikan? Quarter squats may be covertly damaging as well. Can the athlete DL/OL?

There is nothing magical about full or parallel squats. The pros and cons of different squatting methods have been debated extensively on the forum (check out the archives).

Full/ Parallel Squats are preferred as they provide a more balanced lower body development. The poundages, afforded by a lesser ROM, may also present a potential risk to joints if not managed sensibly. Quarter squats, if pursued, are fine, but:-

  • Progress weight at sensible and manageable rate
  • Ensure consistency in depth of squat
  • Allow for the less balanced lower leg development with the inclusion of additional supplementry excercises.

The injury is the knee, when going lower than paralell even with on weights, oly´s and DL are no problem though. Thanks gf_200.

Your firsty priority is to rehab the knees. Even if you don’t feel pain from quarter squats, they are certainly having a negative effect on your knees, especially if they are already injured.

Yes, I see what you mean Christian.But it seems to be much better, I think it´s more of a feeling that going below quarter or paralell will recall the injury. That´s why if thought of the quarters as an sub if possible.
But if so, what are the best supplementry exerc. for e.g knee-extension stress on the knee I think.

The other exerc. except the upper body are SDL-powercleans, and DL´s are not a problem but doesn´t turn up so often.


Sort out knee problem before any squatting. You will be thankful in the long-run…

Yes, that would be the wright think to do. I´m just fearing that would be the finish to the running “career”. I mean to lose the strenght, or maybe it could be gained through short-hills or maybe powerclean from floor is enough?

I would have thought heavy squatting with an already injured knee would be a far more effective way of finishing a sprinting career, no?!

Your next step should be a visit to a quality therapist who can treat your injury and suggest the best route back to full training.

Good Luck.

Well, the basic thought I had where how the quartersquats compered to deep and paralell was fysicly. In othter words much as good or a wast of time. But it seems from the above replys, that is ok if you use supplementry to it. So what I meant injured or not the worth of it.

take care…