quarter squats

I think i read this in an earlier post, but would quarter squats be more beneficial to sprinting since the angle at which hip extension occurs while sprintings is that? And also could single leg quarter squats be considered more"specific" to sprinting because of this? and also with this could one use 20 “explosive” reps to kind of mimic the repetition and hip extension angle in a sprint? Please David W, i kno you are an advocate of full depth squats, so please dont bite off my head…haha and also i thought the pulls and deadlifts could be used for full range of motion as in the oly forms u have to go down all the way at the start of the deadlift

Quater squats give quads highest force, but the rep is short which nullifies the greater weights that can be used (in my opinion).
Charlie mentioned in “speedtrap” how former German shotputter Udo Beyer did “effortless 700 pound quater squats with the bar bowing like the wings of a Condor.” I think Linford Christie may have occasionally used quater squats aswell. The thing is, they don’t do much for gluteals or hamstrings, unless u turn them into plyos such as quater single leg jump squats, alternate bounds etc…, or combine them wih paralell or full squats, and in that respect… how much time have u got for differant exercises?