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perhaps relevant is a study done using the same product:


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Quality/ Absorbtion of the Ginseng contained in this product

"Panax Ginseng is a naturally grown plant root which when combined with vitamins and minerals helps to sustain energy levels and relieve Daily Fatigue. Pharmaton® contains a special extract of ginseng that is made by a process used only by Pharmaton.

What is it made from?

G115® is made from the fine rootlets of the plant Panax ginseng. This delicate plant is cultivated in China and Korea by specialist farmers. The plant is grown indoors from the best selected seeds. When it is 18 months old the now flowering plant is taken from the indoor beds and re-planted out of doors. Because it is delicate, the plant is protected from the wind and excessive sunlight by a thatched cover. When it is 5 years old, the plant is harvested and dried. Samples of the roots are sent to Pharmaton in Lugano, Switzerland and the fine rootlets are tested for a high content of active ingredients, the ginsenosides. If satisfactory, the crop is purchased and the extraction process starts.

How is it made?

The fine Panax ginseng rootlets undergo Pharmaton´s unique, low-temperature, extraction process involving more than 20 stages. The content of ginsenosides in the extract is measured and the identity of the ginsenosides is determined by chromatography. A precise balance of ginsenosides is created by blending batches so that the finished extract precisely matches a set pattern (standardisation). As a result, every Pharmaton® capsule contains the same quantity of the same ginsenosides as every other capsule.


The special extraction process has never been published, and is used exclusively by Pharmaton®. The high quality and uniformly consistent ginseng extract G115® is unique."

It also contains a MulitVit/Mineral Complex. Any experiences with the product? Comments?

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I don’t know about this product specifically but I think ginseng is an outstanding supplement.

From memory panax ginseng is korean ginseng.

I find that siberian ginseng is great for combating stress and gives a feeling of well being. The soviets used this as part of their pharmocology program. This is my favourite.

The korean gives a bit of a lift.

The most important thing with ginseng is to find a good brand that is standardised.

I think you’d probably be better off finding a good quality brand without the added vitamins and minerals, and supplement these separately.

With ginseng, I think it is important to cycle off every three weeks, else you will build a tolerance to it.

I’d always thought ginseng was classed as a stimulent ?

so when it comes to trusted brands that sell ginsing, which are the best quality?