push pass / natural pass photo?

Can anyone provide me with a decent photo of the push pass exchange for the 4x100 (sometimes called the natural pass)? Thanks!

is it related to the “snatch” technique?

I am not sure of what the “snatch” pass means. In a traditional Dyson overhand pass, the passer swings the baton down into the receiver’s hand. The baton is about horizontal when the exchange is made. In a push pass, the passer keeps the baton nearly vertical and pushes it forward into the receiver’s hand. The receiver’s hand position is the same in either method. Don’t have a video.

The push pass as performed by the Australian women’s team in Sydney on Feb 28. (Melissa Breen to Sally McLellan)

These fantastic photos are courtesy of Inside Athletics.


hey youngy, thanks a lot!

From the Analyse This thread:

Hand is in the wrong position in the US one. It should be flat not turned up to the sky!

Yet another reason why the US relay training program is being taken away. No more wasting 100k+ of budget just to have the runners go back to bro-style handoffs at the major meets.