Pulled Muscle?

Is there anything one can do to heal a pulled muscle faster? Would icing help at all?

first priority would be to get a massage so you can get new blood in there. Also try the contrast shower.

Is is just a little pull? or is it real bad?

When did this happen? First priority is controlling inflamation in the acute phase, i.e. ice, anti-inflamatory enzymes, etc. Once the acute stage is over, the focus shifts to facilitating healing. I would not recommend massage immediately. But it will definitely help further down the line.

Charlie and Clemson are probably the best qualified ones to provide you with a recovery outline.

will using " the stick" help as a message because i pulled my hamstring at a meet and was unable to finish the race

The stick would be usefull but the best results come from an expert who can do some soft tissue work. I would recomend that when using the stick to always go towards you heart.

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