Pulled erector?

I pulled my erector 2 weeks ago playing football. It never healed but now it has gotten worse. The only excersize I am doing is bench. I don’t think it got worse from that. How long does a pulled muscle take to heal? Any ways to speed it up. Do you think I tore it? When it happened I wasn’t running or doing anything. I just caught the ball.

You’d best off go and see a physiotherapist for that one, especially as it is one of the main postural muscles. I know, physios cost money but your postural muscles are extreemly important and any fibrous adhesions that build up in those muscles will certainly have an effect on your athletic performance.
It might not be a major effect (depending on the severity) but how much r u willing to leave to chance if it doesn’t heal soon?

Are you sure?

Whatever the case go to a good sports physio first and start from there.

There is so much connective tissue along the spine and the erectors that it could be a sprain and maybe not at all the muscle itself.