Yesterday I did 3 200 meter sprints. Today I was sore and I could only do 10 pull-ups in a row, so I just did lots of sets of low reps of pull-ups and eventually did 42 pull-ups total. I can normally do 16 pull-ups when I’m fresh, is it beneficial for me to do this exercise when I’m not fresh? Will doing them sore help my fitness?

I’m pretty intrested in pull ups as well as all other exercises that we use our body weight in. I was reading that book lately and it classed such exercises below some other ones, like wight training , snatches and cleans. I don’t know? I don’t like such exercises though. It just doesn’t feel right for me some how. But sometimes I like to go ahead and try a few pull ups and push ups cause I just felt like it! Nothing organized about these body weight exercises though. Does anyone make use of these exercises out there? I’m pretty intrested too.

Doing any kind of exercise while still sore is not a good idea. You need to give your body that rest to regenerate and rebuild, otherwise, you won’t really benefit and may even risk injury.

Granted, however, that many times athletes will feel sore the following day when working out, but I believe thats its essentially the athletes decision whether they should continue with that days type of workout or doing something else. “You” are your best source of judgement.

Later that day I exercised and did some hand facing away from you pull-ups and I was able to do 11 in a row. I also did swimming, and ab exercises haning from the pull-up bar. I think that as long as I give me cns time to recover, I’ll be fine. I’m going to be sore becuase I’m out of shape, the muscles will adapt. If I had an injury I would never work out that part of my body that’s just stupid.

I incorporate pull-ups the mornings I’m doing tempo in the afternoon. I can usually do about 25 unweighted and about 12 with 20kg weight. I feel it helps my core strength alot.

Here’s a man. Doing pull ups with wieghts is a great idea. I mean I never thought of it but I’m sure that would work out the arms in a great way. Thanks for the idea man. But then how do you support the weight??

It is a great idea, just be carefull especially on the eccentric (make them slow and controlled, don’t jerk).I did those for a while last year and although my lat and arm strength went up considerably I ended up with a nice case of biceps tendonitis stopping me from any biceps and lat work for 4-5 months :mad:

Theres just a belt at my gym with a chain comming from the front, it attaches through the middle of a weight and comes back up and locks together with a caribina. Do an internet search for ‘dipping belts’

If you’re using light weights (up to 20lbs maybe) you could also hold a dumbell inbetween your feet.

Many gyms have a belt with a chain that enables you to hold a plate. As a swimmer I do lots of pullups. If you don’t add weight you’ll get in a rut.