Proteolytic enzymes for inflammation

This stuff is definitely worth taking. There are lots of different enzymes available but only an enteric coated formulation is specifically designed for inflammation. Properly designed it will avoid destruction in the stomach and release it’s contents in the intestine, where the enzymes will be released into the body and gobble up inflammatory proteins. The difference in minor aches, pains, soreness and recovery time from any sort’ve injury is definitely noticeable. Wobenzyme-N has long held a solid reputation and Drs. in Europe prescribe it for a variety of ailments. I have found 800 tabs for $75-80 which makes it pretty cost effective as well.

Nice post, every once in a while info on digestive enzymes pop up but I never read about anyone with personal expierence.

One question for you, is it important for them to make it through the stomach? I know a lot of foods naturally have dig. enzymes in them and I am guessing they don’t make it to the intestine? Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

I have been using brolean with a couple injured players and haven’t seen much. Although I am not using any high-tech super dooper blood testing methods to monitor.

Do you have any recommendations on when to take? Before/after training?

Yes, as far as I know for inflammation you want to use an enteric coated enzyme formulation and you want to take them in between meals. I have gone through bottles of regular enzyme capsules and never noticed a thing. They probably help digestion and protein breakdown, which is what they’re sold for, but I’ve never had problems with that. If taking enzymes for digestion you’ll take them before or with a meal. Wobenzyme is strictly promoted for inflammation. There are other products out there that are formulated to do the same but the ones I’ve seen are all quite a bit more expensive.

To supercharge the effects of the wobenzym, you can take 5mg of serrapeptase with it. Serrapeptase was a part of the original formual but was removed a few years ago. I can vouch for the fact that this stack works.
FYI, the East German athletes popped these things like M&M’s back in the day.

Has anyone followed this advice? If not, why? It can be part of any athletes recovery/regeneration budget and is great for the immune system.

I use Bromelain and am going to give Serrapeptase a go.

Vitalzyme has serrapeptase in it.