Proteolysis and performance.

1)To build mass = need for protein degredation(?), protein rebuilds and recovers/= get bigger.
2) More proteolysis = more time needed for recovery, might have to unfavourably adjust training prgram.

I have ectomorph legs that I sometimes feel they should be bigger for better performance but…

Has there EVER, been any research (or individual experiance), to suggest
that more density and /or total time under tension can improve strength and power levals V’s just 1 v.intense set?

I realize some westside club have written “10 x 3 reps” on dynamic day
or something, so a total of 30 reps in the squat that day, but they don’t have to go and do a load of sprints that day aswell.

As a side note, my performance levals in exercises are back to making improvements with just one set, but thighs are not getting bigger.
How much longer could I expect strength levals to improve without my muscles increasing in size/capacity baseline?

Any response welcome. :slight_smile: