proper stance for running hills

Right now im in GPP and am running hills on my speed days. The hill that i sprint is pretty shallow (about 3-7 degrees) and is only about 15 meters long. I was wondering the proper stance that i should be in before i start the hill? Would a 3 point stance with my left arm cocked up in the air be proper, or should i start these from a standing start? Thanks for any help.

I would make sure the ground is dry, to reduss the chance of injury. Moisture on the grass tends to make teh surface quite slippery and I had a few hurt themselves.

If conditions are acceptable, I have them start with their hands on their knee.

If wet I have them do a running start.

I’d just use a standing start. No need to get technical IMO.

I should have pointed out that i run on cememt hills, not grass. I have never had an injury occur or any pain come about from sprinting on cement hills, so i figured that it would be ok to continue to use this type of hill.

I thought that the purpose of running these types of hills (slightly inclined hills) was to help out with your angles at the beginning of a race (this is why i usually start them from a crouched 3 point stance)…but isnt it also true that sprinting slightly inclined hills will help you improve your acceleration speed?? Appreciate the help guys.

watched the gpp dvd you can get into the right angles without getting down into a 3 point start and pushing out.

i try to do what they did on the dvd. stand upright, fall, and when your about to loose it, RUN

Watched The Gpp Dvd!!

Wearing spikes (preferably old ones with long spikes- 12mm if you can get them) can extend your options if the hill isn’t too wet.

Charlie - never thought of wearing spikes.
I will defiantely look into that for next year - GPP finished here - glad to be inside

I do have a question in regards to volume

I am into the second week of SPP and very similar to the Vancouver DVD plan - and I was thinking of adding a hill day on Saturday of low intensity hills - light grade - high volume - variation of distances 100-200-300’s total volume <2k

Next day (Sunday) is completely off.

Any opinions?

I suppose this could be done in the first few weeks of SPP, but depending on what follows next into your plan, why not placing this session mid-week? Others?

Our season does not really begin until January
We have a few warm up meets in December but there is no importance on these except a workout and a tester to see where we are

Question if they run the hills are they getting enough recovery with the typical volume they are getting?